How to make steel structure canopy?

How to make a canopy? What materials do you use? What to do if it is?

1. If the concrete canopy is in the middle, fulfill the corresponding raiya quota of the concrete.

2. If it is a sunny board (or other decorative board, etc.) in the steel structure, perform Asynchronous-ERECTION-CANTILEVER-BEAMS- of-zhuhai-jinhai-bride-is-ProGressing-Smoothly Ceramndrine (or roof panel, lighting cover, etc.).

3. If there is a steel structure skeleton+tempered glass (or similar) lighting hood in the steel structure, you can calculate the steel skeleton according to the ton The amount is calculated according to the market price, and the unit price per square meters can be calculated.

The form of small and large types:

(1) Small canopy such Hanging ribbon;

(2) Large canopy such as: wall or pillar support rhizon;

] Fragrance can also be divided into:

1. FRP structural rain shed Structural Fragrance

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