Mulk structure car shed device step introduction

Self -heavy, with outstanding stress features -one of the main forms of large span space structures. The planning and construction of parking lots have become an important part of modern urban planning, and it will become more and more important in future construction.

Before the membrane structure car shed device, check the product qualification certificate, planning documents and pre-assembly records of the component, and re-check the record Construction-Procedure-OF- STEEL-Structure-Hangar component scale; for the assembled roof frame, a certain arches should be preset.

After the formation of the membrane structure car shed is in place, the control point of the component positioning axis, standard high planning requirements requires the measurement point for measurement to make a good symbol, and check the quality of the linked connector before welding.

When the membrane structure car shed device, the elevation scale, welding, coating, etc. of each component should be submitted.

High -strength bolt construction quality control

For the connection of high -strength bolts, first pay attention to the processing quality of the high -strength bolt conflicting surface and the protection before the device.

Steel component viewpoint deviation will seriously affect the perforation rate of high -strength bolts during the assembly assembly. The distortion of the component will affect the gap between the connecting surfaces. Therefore, a certain fetal shelf mold should be prepared during the production of steel structure to control its deformation and take practical fixed measures during component transport to ensure its scale stability.

The steel structure device unit must protect the conflict surface in front of the high -strength bolt conflicting of the device to prevent pollution and rust. In front of the device, the anti -slip coefficient experiment of the high -strength bolt conflicting surface, check the high -strength bolt factory certificate and batch number, and regularly draw a shaft experiment on the high -strength bolt of different batch numbers.

The process of high -strength bolt device, including operation order, device method, tightening order, initial twisting, and final twisting strict control viewing, and the torque wrench of the twisting bolt should be calibrated.

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