How is Cangzhou Steel Structure Engineering Quotation calculated?

Cangzhou is not rusty for the current public. Now the market quotation is divided into two types. One is based on a square meter quotation and the other is to quote according to the ton. It is not fixed.

The advantages before:

1. Large span steel structure engineering projects have large span, increased increase A valid and practical area;

2. The weight of the large span steel structure is light;

3. 3. Large span engineering steel steel The plasticity and patience of the component;

4. It is closer to the homogeneity and the same sexual body;

5. Production production Simple, easy -to -industrial production, construction and installation, and short cycle;

6. Good engineering sealing. Let ’s analyze why the quotation is difficult.

As mentioned above, the quotation of steel structure engineering is generally quoted in accordance with the flat meter or tons of steel. Prefabricated-House-FOR-A-LONG-TIME
Fangmi to quote. For example, the attic of the family is 2-400 yuan/square meter. There are more than 1,000 square meters per square meter, as well as (excluding cranes) 406 hundred yuan/square meter. (Including cranes) 6-8 hundred yuan/square meter. According to the tons, there are more than 6,000 per ton, and more than 8,000 to 10,000 or more than 20,000 per ton; so the quotation of steel structure engineering projects From the perspective, the general summary is that the components and requirements are different. The methods and uses are different. The results are different, and the prices are uneven. Some prices in the market can only be used as a reference.

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