What are the conditions of steel structure in Hebei Steel Structure Engineering Construction?

It is systemic, and the room structure of each component requires precise calculations; the size of a slightly more error will affect the entire project, so what situations will deform in the situation?

Steel beam arched problem

The method of arched, a parabolic arched and folding for steel beams Line -shaped arched. For door -type rigids, folding lines are used to arched, that is, at the stitching nodes of the steel beam, the intention of the arches is reached by the angle of the connection end plate.

The intention of the steel beam arched is mainly after the roof steel beam deforms, the arches can offset a part of the deformation, and its roof can still adhere to a certain slope. When the steel beam is too large, it will make the roof slope near the ridge Aesthetics-OF-SHEL-SHED-BUILDING becomes smaller. Excessive steel beam deformation will turn the roof slope near the cornice to change Too small.

Excessive slope changes are inappropriate. Whether or not to arched, how big the arch is, it should be a plan. When the plan is not required, the arches are promised to be fixed at -5 ~ 10mm, which is not to claim that the party sets the arches themselves.

The improper deformation of the roof 檩 barrier device

In some projects, the connection of rigid rods and wind levers is connected The setting position of the board is uneven, so that the horizontal support system is not on the same plane, and then affects the overall stability of the rigid frame. The rigid rod and the wind stroke composition horizontal support system, the setting height should be consistent in the same slope direction.

In the roof or wall -sideline bar device, some construction units are randomly increased and lengthened by the bolt pores of the bolt or bracket plate for the convenience of the device. The barrier is not only a component of the supporting house panel or hanging wall panel, but also a supporting body set up by the Liangzhu support settings. Setting a certain amount of support can reduce the calculation length outside the plane of the rigid shelf, and effectively ensure that all the plane of the rigid shelf is all outside the plane of the rack. stability. If the diameter of the puppet or the pillar is too long, the support will lose its due role.

In addition, some units add roof load private banks. The original plan was not considered or the vehicle load such as the ceiling or equipment pipeline, but the construction of the ceiling and other suspension loads in the construction, and then As a result, the steel beam is too large or collapsed. No unit may add loads outside the planned scale. During the construction or supervision process, if such problems are found, it is necessary to request the additional load to the original planning unit for a structural carrying capacity and other reviews. The roof will be performed under the condition of structural safety and application requirements.

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