What are the common reinforcements in the steel structure engineering engineering engineering engineering?

The year of use is relatively long, the degree of corrosion damage is severe, the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the original steel are also unclear, and they are all carried with loads. The danger is also great, so it is necessary to grasp a set of construction technology and must determine the useful construction planning measures; what are the common direct reinforcement methods? The following is a brief introduction through seven aspects.

1. Increase the section reinforcement method: Add concrete pouring layer in the reinforced concrete bending component, which can be added with an effective height of the section, expanded the section area, thereby improving The front section of the component is bent, and the oblique cross -section resistance can be rigid with the cross -section.

In the range of the tendon, the positive section bearing capacity of the concrete bending component has improved with the increase in the area and strength of the steel bars. In the case of the low -cutting rate of the original component, increasing the area of \u200b\u200bthe main tendon can effectively improve the bending capacity of the positive section of the original component. In the cross -section, adding concrete enclosa encapsuity to the section of the section of the section, work with the new part with the original component, can effectively improve the carrying capacity of the component and improve the normal application performance.

2. Replace the concrete reinforcement method: The length of the law is similar to the increase in the section method, and it does not affect the cleanliness of the building after reinforcement, but there is also colorful wet operations. The disadvantages of time; suitable for the reinforcement of concrete load -bearing components such as beams and columns with low strength of concrete in the pressure area or severe disadvantages.

3. There is a bonding outdoor steel reinforcement method: FIRE-PROTECTION-OF-STRUCTURE Outsourcing steel reinforcement is to reinforce the steel or steel plate to be reinforced by reinforcement Outside the component, the outer steel reinforced steel concrete beam should generally use a wet outsourcing method, that is, using epoxy resin grouting and other methods to bonded steel with reinforcement commission. The area of \u200b\u200bsteel section has improved significantly, so the positive cross -section bearing capacity and cross -section stiffness have improved significantly.

4. The reinforcement method of sticky steel: reinforcement steel reinforcement of reinforced concrete bending components is in the insufficient load capacity of the component (positive cross -section is affected by the pull area, positive cross -section pressure compression, pressure Area or oblique section) stickers with steel plates, so that the carrying capacity of the reinforcement component can be improved, and the construction is convenient.

This method is fast, no wet operations at the scene, or only a small amount of wet operations such as plastering, which has a small impact on production and life. There is no significant effect on the air, but the reinforcement effect depends to a large extent on the level of adhesion process and operation; it is suitable for the reinforcement of bending or pulling components in the environment of a normal humidity environment.

5. Paste fibrous fiber enhanced plastic reinforcement method: outer fiber reinforcement is to use glue materials to put fiber enhanced composite materials in the area where the reinforcement component is pulled, so that it and it are with Working together to work together to reach the intention of the carrying components. In addition to the similar length of sticker steel plates, it also has corruption, humidity resistance, almost no additional structure, durability, and low maintenance costs. However, special fire treatment is required. Structural components and general structures.

6. The wireless method: The advantages and disadvantages of the method are similar to the increase in the section method; it is suitable for reinforcement with insufficient bearing capacity of concrete structure components, or must be subject to suffering, or it needs to be subject to suffering. The pressure component applies horizontal binding force.

7. Anchor bolt anchor method: This method is suitable for the transformation and reinforcement of concrete load -bearing structures with concrete strength levels with C20 ~ C60; Structure and light quality structure.

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