Aesthetics of steel shed building

Key points of steel structure sandwich design. With the emergence of various building structures, there is an increasing demand for structural transformation. The most common is the interlayer, of which the steel structure has the most advantages. The steel structure is widely used because of its fast construction, safety and stability, and high cost performance.

Aesthetics of steel shed building

Key points of steel structure interlayer design:

Steel structure dragon frame

Generally, I-beam and channel steel are used for the main beam, square steel and angle steel are used for the secondary beam, and the size of the primary and secondary beams is selected according to the size of the house space and the purpose of use.

Laying floor slab

According to the area of the floor, it can be decided whether the steel structure sandwich floor is laid in a large area or cut into small pieces. When laying the floor, it should be noted that the overlap on both sides of the floor should be overlapped on the main beam of the steel keel, not in the empty place.


Fix the floor on the steel keel with self tapping screws.

Key points of steel structure shed design. Steel structure shed is a new form of building structure, which frequently appears in communities, schools, businesses, stadiums, factories, government agencies and other places, and seems to have become a beautiful scenic spot in the city. Steel structure shed includes steel structure canopy and steel structure car shed.

As the entrance and exit of the building, the steel structure canopy is an important part of the building. It is required that the design should not only ensure the safety, applicability, durability and stability of the structure, but also meet the aesthetic requirements of the building.

When designing the steel structure shed, we need to consider the beautiful, concise and generous visual effects, and maximize the use of the floor area. Reasonable access also makes it more convenient to pick up the car.

Color steel shed should also be a widely used building material at present. We can find its figure in both urban and rural self built houses, which shows people’s favor for it. What should we pay attention to when building color steel shed? How to construct the color steel shed? Next, Xi’an Mingsheng construction project cost editor will explain it in detail.

steel shed building

1、 What should we pay attention to when building color steel shed?

  1. When building the color steel shed, the slope should be between 10% and 15% as far as possible. Generally, if it is a span of 10 meters, it is suggested that you can choose a slope of 1.5 meters, which can be made larger, so that the color steel shed will be more solid.
  2. When purchasing colored steel shed materials, you can go to the local building materials market to comprehensively understand the price of materials. The price of materials is different in different regions. Generally, it is about 40 yuan to 100 yuan per square meter. The specific price also needs to refer to the local market.
  3. Color steel sheds generally use light steel structure as the framework, and the connection points of various components are connected by welding, so it is best to find a special welding master to help weld.

2、 How to construct the color steel shed?

  1. Design color steel shed drawings

The drawings can be said to be an important basis for the construction of the color steel shed project. During the design of the color steel shed, it is necessary to organize the professional technicians of the construction unit to jointly review the drawings, and carefully check the construction drawings at the same time. The color steel shed map should be clear in structure, save materials, and meet the requirements of wind and snow resistance. Strive to solve the problem before construction, and try to reduce the impact of drawing problems on project quality and progress. The construction organization design of the color steel shed shall be prepared for the production stage and the installation stage respectively, and the production process content shall include the quality standards and technical requirements of each process and sub item in the production stage, as well as various specific measures formulated to ensure the product quality.

  1. Construction method of color steel shed

Color steel components are manufactured in batches in factories, so the construction is particularly simple and the installation is fast, which can greatly shorten the construction cycle; Secondly, in terms of self weight, the color steel shed can reduce the structural mass of the building by about 35%. If the color steel shed is too high, scaffolding must be installed and construction is not allowed at will. Color steel shed is especially suitable for places with low foundation bearing capacity and high fortification intensity, and its comprehensive economy is better than that of reinforced concrete structure; From the perspective of environmental protection: the color steel shed belongs to an environmental friendly green building system. The steel itself is a kind of high-strength and high-efficiency material with high recycling value.

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