What are the characteristics of steel structure plant?

The steel structure plant has the following characteristics:

1. Light quality, high strength, large span.

2. Short construction period Elementor-1972 , low investment cost.

3. High heat resistance, good sealing, not leakage.

4. Convenient movement, green non -pollution.

5. Plastic, toughness, high reliability.

6. The structure that is weldable and suitable for making various complex shapes.

7. Simple production, high accuracy, fast installation.

What are the performance of the steel structure plant?

The main load -bearing components of the steel structure plant are composed of steel, including steel columns, steel beams, steel roofs, steel infrastructure structures. It has the performance of wind resistance, durability, insulation, sound insulation, environmental protection, fastness, comfort and other properties.

What factors need to consider the cost of steel structure plant?

1 , the amount of steel. The amount of steel is the most important factor affecting the cost of the steel structure plant. Generally, the larger the construction area, the more steel required, and the higher the cost. In addition, the amount of steel is also related to the design. The factory buildings of the same area use different design schemes to use different steel amounts. It is necessary to look at the actual situation.

2 , steel structure span and height. Generally speaking, the larger the building span, the higher the height, the higher the construction cost.

Crane cost. Choose a suitable crane during construction to ensure not only meet the construction needs, but also avoid waste of equipment.

3 , the structure of the factory building. Different materials, doors and windows or exterior walls are used in different materials, different shapes, etc. during the building, and the cost cost is different. Users can choose according to their own needs.

How should the steel structure plant be maintained everyday?

Generally speaking, the steel structure needs to be maintained once for about 3 years, and then it needs to be conducted once a year. During maintenance, cleaning products with large frictional wires and brushes cannot be used during maintenance. If the surface of the steel structure is found to be damaged or corrosive, it is necessary to repairs or apply maintenance materials in time.


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