Things related to the installation of steel structure

As a strong country in my country, it has gradually selected building steel as a plant for a long time. In fact, it is also divided into light steel structure and heavy steel structure plant.

The construction of the steel structure plant is mainly divided into the following parts:

1. Buried parts, (can be stable in the structure of the plant)


2, columns, generally H -shaped steel, or C -shaped steel (generally connected with two C -shaped steel with angle iron)

3, beam, generally, generally Type C and H -type steel will be used.

5. Support point, push strip, generally garden steel.

6, tiles, divided into two types, the first is the tile (color steel roof). The second is the core board. (Double -layer color coating steel plates with polyurethane materials or rock wool plates have the effect of winter cold and summer heat, and it also has the effect of sound insulation and noise reduction.)

The biggest advantage of the real -video steel structure plant in the steel structure plant is:

1. Light quality, strong strength, large span: Steel plant Although the density is larger than other architectural decorative materials, its pressure resistance is very high. Under the premise of withdrawal, the steel frame structure itself Build-A-NATIONAL-HIGH-METAL-Structal-Material-foundry-Base The weight is small and can make a structure with a large span.

2. The construction period of the project is relatively short: the key system of the construction component of the factory building is carried out in the factory prefabricated component, which is transported on the spot for assembly. Essence

3. Strong fire safety: When the appearance temperature of the building steel is within 150 ° C, the pressure resistance strength is not large. The intensity decreased significantly. The fire prevention material is generally applied to the surface of the steel frame structure, which generates a layer of protective membrane to improve the refractory level of prefabricated components. Naturally, the reasonable zoning of evacuation exports is also important for the application of fireproof rolling curtain doors.

4. Anti -penetration and waterproof: The penetration of rainwater to the main through the connection point or the gap, it must be anti -penetration and waterproof. If you do n’t move, you need to seal or welded the welding of the steel bars. It is best to use a long plate to remove the steel bars to overlap and the strict hydrophilic solution at various types of connection points.

5. sound insulation and insulation insulation insulation: fill the sound absorption material (generally glass fiber cotton) in the steel structure building layer, or add insulation on the surface of the color stone metal tile surface Reflex coatings.

6. Ventilation and cooling: Generally, high -power heating machines and equipment with no high power, and the staff do not gather, and it is caused by odor or smoke. The form of ventilation tower is fine. And the high -tech and high -span steel structure factories, it is best to assemble large air exhaust fans in the roof to set out the outdoor exhaust system; produce negative pressure in the room; press the workshop around the workshop many fresh air, generate Air circulation; better effect.

7. Good lighting: assemble lighting tiles or light mezzanine glass at the special parts of the roof, fully consider the use period of the panoramic sunroof, and the coordination of the roof. Solved with waterproof.


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