Safety identification of steel structure plant

Safety appraisal of steel structure plant:

1. Overview (1) Defining steel structure refers to the load -bearing structure composed of steel materials. In engineering, the reinforced concrete structure that is afforded and transmitted to the index and the effects of self -weight and role is often called the concrete structure; the structure of tolerance and transmission horizontal force (such as wind, snow, etc.) becomes a steel structure.

2. According to different stress conditions, the steel structure is divided into the following three forms:

1. Press, press Different use of components (1) Lorage steel framework (2) Support steel framework (3) Activation board room.

2. Differential division of the materials used (1) Ordinary carbon steel (2) Low alloy high -strength steel plate (3) High -quality carbon structure steel plate (4) High -strength light alloy steel steel Essence

3. During the design of the load and effect on the design, the load of the building generally uses the following requirements:

1. Permanent load load :

Refers to a constant load plant that cannot move or does not occur.

2. Variable load.

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4. Institutional load.

4. Safety identification Safety identification refers to the process of testing and analysis of the various functions carried by the building before the use of the building. The purpose is to ensure that the building does not have a dangerous state during use to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property and the smooth production of production activities.

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