Which of Guizhou steel structure manufacturers, steel structure and concrete (concrete) structure is better?

Which of the steel structure and concrete (concrete phase) framework is better? During the design of a building, we often hear such a question: What kind of building is better for this building project? Which of the steel structure plant and concrete structure is better? Which architecture is more economical? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two architectures? In the face of this kind of problem, we can’t talk about it for a while. Today, we will discuss this topic.

1. Advantages of steel structure plant:

1) High and high -strength weight ratio; good plasticity and toughness; [123 123 ]

2) The material is uniform, in line with mechanical assumptions, and high security and reliability.

3) Factory production, high degree of industrialization;

4) Fast construction period of steel frame factories, no templates;

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2. Disadvantages of steel frame factories: heat resistance resistance and fire resistance of the steel frame factory; easy to rust, poor corrosion resistance.

The strength of the steel structure plant is significantly higher than that of concrete, which is easier to obtain large space and improve indoor space utilization.

The steel structure plant can be built dry. Water saving, occupying land, noise and dust, the building’s appearance can easily meet the diverse requirements.

The rapidly developing steel frame factories have attracted the attention of more and more friends, and a considerable number of people think that the steel factories have absolute advantages. Compared with the concrete framework factory, they have the following advantages:

Basic: Compared with the concrete columns of the steel frame, there are light overall weight, less materials, and small steel with small steel. The characteristics have greatly increased the actual area of \u200b\u200bthe building. At the same time, due to the reduction of its own weight and small soil for infrastructure, the damage to the land resources is small, and the foundation of the steel structure plant is about half of the concrete structure, which can greatly reduce the basic cost.

The main frame structure: Compared with ordinary steel concrete frames, the material of the steel frame plant is equal to the material symmetrical, the strength and the amount of elasticity are many times higher than that of the masonry and concrete than the masonry and concrete Essence Therefore, under the same load, the bearing capacity of the steel frame factory is lighter than the concrete framework. From the perspective of damage, the steel frame plant has a big deformation foretoppymal in advance, which is a delayed damage structure, which can detect the danger in advance.

At the same time, some materials of the steel frame workshop can be reused, and the value of waste resources recovery and utilization is high. In addition, the energy saving effect of the steel frame factories is good, the noise is low during construction, and the dust is small. The steel plant can also drive a series of industrial chains such as real estate, building materials, and hardware. Compared with concrete buildings, they are using and designing

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. Construction and comprehensive economy have advantages. The cost is low.

But some people think that concrete structures are better than steel structure factories. They believe that concrete structures have better durability and fire resistance than steel structure factories, and generally do not need to be maintained and maintained regularly under normal use conditions.

At the same time, the overall sense of the structure of the concrete is integrated. The new concrete phase can be formed, and the structures or components of various shapes and sizes can be designed and produced as needed.

Because the concrete structure is composed of steel bars and concrete, it has the characteristics of self -weight, high stiffness, strong integrity, not vulnerable to external erosion, and good sealing.

The answer to this question is not fixed. The two architectures do not have absolute advantages and disadvantages, and they need to be judged in combination with specific circumstances. Only the right one is good.

For example, a construction project needs to build a multi -storey plant, the bottom part is used for production, and the above part is used as a warehouse. At this time, the lower part is often designed as a multi -layer concrete frame, while the top and part of the upper structure require the steel frame plant. Therefore, which architecture does a construction project need, it cannot be \”dark all the way\”, and which architecture is better. At present, it cannot be generalized.


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