Lizhuang Town, Liangyuan District: illegal construction of large steel structure factories to reproduce the incomplete procedures of the villagers

\”The forest land was not a construction land before, and there was no procedure. I do n’t know which leader to communicate. Now it builds a large steel structure plant.\” Niuzhuang villagers said.

Recently, the villagers of Niuzhuang, Lizhuang Town, Liangyuan District, Shangqiu City, reported: \”The north side of the County Road 009, Niuzhuang Village Xitou Road North Struggling now built a large steel structure HTTPS : www.sgsbuilding.comnewsindustryanalysis-OF-the-Advantages-OF-STRUEL-PLANT Factory, questioning the use of land and planning procedures, is illegal building, why do you stop working or demolished in accordance with the law? ?

On the morning of August 5th, this website rushed to the scene. On the north side of the county road, nearly a thousand square meters of new steel structures rose up, the subject was close to the completion, and the scene could be on the spot. It can be seen that the wall project is being pulled, and it can be completed in three or four days. At noon, the workers have not found the construction of the workers after work. \”Law enforcement officers have been here in the early stage of construction. If the land use is strict, the land should be re -cultivated. I do n’t know which leader has raised his expensive hands. Not only did he not correct illegal acts, but now he permanently violates the construction of steel structure factories. \”

Article 64 of the\” Urban and Rural Planning Law \”stipulates that if the construction project planning license is not obtained or the construction of the construction project planning permit shall be constructed, it shall be constructed shall shall be constructed shall shall be constructed. The urban and rural planning department ordered the stop of construction;

At present, this website has reflected the construction of the plant to Li Qiyang, the leader of Lizhuang Town. Director Li said that there is no procedure at present. He will not let him build it. As of the press release, the building has not signs of suspension of work.

This website will continue to pay attention to progress!


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