What are the characteristics of steel structure plant?

The characteristics of the steel structure plant are mainly in the following 14 aspects:

1. Light quality, high strength, and large span. Although the density of steel is greater than other building materials, due to its very high strength, under the same force, the steel structure is smaller, so the structure of the steel structure plant can achieve a large span.

2. Short construction period, saving costs. Because all the components of the steel structure are made in advance in the factory, the site can be directly assembled at the scene, which greatly shortens the construction cycle. According to previous experience, a 6000 square meters of buildings can be installed basicly installed in about 40 days, which saves time and labor costs.

3. High fire prevention. Generally speaking, the surface temperature of the steel is maintained within 150 ° C, which has little effect on the strength of the steel, so the steel structure is very suitable for the hot workshop. If the temperature exceeds 150 ° C, it will have some impact on the intensity, then if you want to maintain the strength, you can have a steel structure with special requirements. Take further heat insulation and refractory measures.

4. Strong corrosion resistance. The steel structure has certain corrosionability. If it is in a humid environment, especially in the environmental environment, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance.

5. Strong sealing. Due to the tight tissue structure of the steel, whether it is welded or connected by a welding manner, or a rivet or bolt connection, the tight and non -leakage sealing effect can be achieved.

6. Economic affordable. The cost of steel structure is reasonable. From the perspective of comprehensive economic benefits, the advantage is far greater than the concrete structure.

7. Strong plasticity and toughness. Generally speaking, the steel structure will not break due to accidental overloads or local overloads, and strong toughness makes the steel structure strong adaptability.

8. High reliability. Because the internal tissue of the steel is uniform and the same is the same as the same sex, the performance of the steel structure in actual work will be in line with theoretical data, and it will not occur too much.

9. Weldability. This feature allows the connection method of steel structure to simplify and is suitable for making complex structures of various shapes.

10. High degree of industrialization of production and installation. Because the steel structure is mainly produced in a professional metal structure plant, it is simple and highly accurate. The finished component can be transported directly to the site installation, with high degree of assembly and fast installation speed.

11. Widely used. Steel structure is suitable for both single -story large -span buildings and can be used to build multi -storey or high -rise buildings. Such as factory buildings, warehouses, office buildings, restaurants, stadiums, large markets, leisure vacation places, etc.

12. Durable and easy to repair. Due to the material and architectural methods, the steel structure can resist the harsh climate, and only simple maintenance can be performed.

13. Beautiful and practical. The factory built by the steel structure has simple and smooth lines, which is quite modern. There are many colors to choose from with the wall plate, and the wall can also be selected for multiple materials, so the flexibility is stronger.

14. Steel structure buildings are convenient to move, recycling without pollution, and good environmental protection.

The above is a steel structure plant summarized for everyone The-Characteristics-OF-LIGHT-STRUCTURE-ATS-APLICICATION-In -ngineering Features, I hope to help everyone.


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