Blue Industry Encyclopedia: What are the types of steel structure factories?

The factory building of the steel structure mainly refers to the main load -bearing component is a factory composed of steel. Including steel pillars, steel beams, steel structure foundations, steel roofs (of course, the span of the factory building is relatively large, basically the steel structure roof), the steel cover, the wall of the steel structure can also be maintained. Generally speaking, the roofs of the steel structure plant are commonly used in the shape of the roof, trapezoidal, parallel strings, etc.

1. Triangular roof frame

The triangular roof frame is suitable for the steel structure plant steep slope roof system, which is usually hinged with the pillars. The overall horizontal stiffness of the house is low. For the Jianzu roof frame, the bending moment under the effect of load is distributed by parabolic line, which is different from the shape of the triangle, resulting in uneven force of this roof strings. The cross section of the rod cannot fully play a role. The corners of the upper and lower string rods at the branch are too small, the internal force is large, and the structure of the branch node is complicated.

2, trapezoidal roof frame

Cableform roofs are applicable to the steel structure without the roof slope, The connection can be made into hinges or rigid connections. The rigid connection can increase the rigidity of the building. It is closer to the bending torque graphic of the bending component, and the string rod is evenly stressed.

3. Parallel string roofs

Parallel string roof racks are mostly used for single slopes and double slope roof lids in steel structure plants, or use In the crane brake rack, trestle, bracket and support system. Most of the abdominal rods are human -shaped or cross types. It has outstanding advantages in the constructive surface. The length of similar rods is the same, and the node structure forms are the same to facilitate the industrialization of production. TOP-TEN-MOST-IMPRESSIVE-METAL-BUILDINGS


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