The characteristics of light steel structure and its application in engineering

With the rapid development of China’s national economy, the deep people of reform and opening up, the application of light steel structures is becoming more and more widely used, and its number has also increased.

In recent years, the theory and theoretical and light steel structure at home and abroad There are great progress in practice, and its progress is fast, which is rare in the history of steel structure development.

Such as the evolution and improvement of design methods, the continuous updates of material standards, and the development and application of high -efficiency steel. The innovation and improvement of construction technology, all of which have given the development of the light steel structure, and their structural technology has also been improved.

The characteristics of the light steel structure below and its in their are in The application of the project is made, and the door -type rigid stand is introduced.

1 The concept of the light steel structure of the light steel structure usually refers to the welding of round steel, small corner steel, thin -walled steel, or thin steel plate. Structure, this is a relative concept, to distinguish the usual ordinary steel structure.

The ordinary steel structure is generally composed of steel roofs, combination columns (H -shaped steel, steel pipe, slot steel, etc.) and large tonnage crane beams and so on , To adapt to the structure with a large weight of load or crane, as well as a structure with large vibration and earthquake resistance requirements.

With the adjustment of the industrial structure of the national economy, the ordinary steel structure gradually decreased, and the light -shaped real belly belly The beams, real abdomen columns and small tonnage crane beams gradually increased.

2 Structural features are provided with steel quantity, saving investment: the amount of steel for light steel roof system is generally 8 ~ 15kg/m2, single layer light light The amount of steel for steel warehouse is 16 ~ 30kg/m2. The amount of steel that can even be lower than the steel concrete structure of the reinforced concrete in the same conditions, and can save a large amount of wood, cement and other building materials.

Therefore, light steel is therefore light steel The structure can be greatly reduced to the structure of the structure, generally about 1/2 to 1/3 of the ordinary steel structure, 1/10 ~ 3/10 of reinforced concrete. ]

Prevent leakage, the effect is ideal: the roof and wall materials of light steel structures mainly use color pressure plates or clipplane boards. 123] The slope of the roof slope of the light steel structure plant is generally 1/10 ~ 1/5. After the roof pressure steel plate is reliable, it is fixed on the steel bar. Inner and outer Tianlou, quickly discharged to the sewage pipe or outdoor ditch through the hard plastic PVC pipe to ensure the requirements of the factory building.

No piles are required, shortening the construction period: light steel structure plant because of its own lightness and lightness. , Generally, only the underlying concrete foundation needs to be used to meet the carrying requirements.

, the construction cycle is shortened, saving construction investment.

The supply is fast, convenient for installation: light steel structures used The materials are conventional materials.

The pressure plates and accessories used by its enclosure system, and C There are also many manufacturers of types and Z -type steel bars. Generally, a single -story factory building or warehouse of about 10,000 m2 starts from design to delivery. It takes only 3 to 4 months. Even more.

The appearance is beautiful, and the interior is empty: light steel structure plant or warehouse color according to needs, arbitrarily adjust, free combination.

roof pressure plate, especially wall color pressure pressure pressure Type board, which has the characteristics of light quality, high efficiency, colorful color, and beautiful shape.

In addition to the main use of walls, it also has the effect of decorative panels.

General plant and other structures After the wall panel is closed, it will be completed, no need to decorate.

The building structure can be designed according to its production process performance and owners’ requirements. The structural system can maximize the performance of steel. [123 123 ]

A single -span economic span from 18m to 36 is empty inside the plant or warehouse, with a high utilization rate.

3 Structural forms and application range of light steel structures, such as roof frame forms, rigid frames, rigid frames, rigid frames Forms, grid forms, solid abdomen, formats and mixed rigid frame structures, suspension frame structures, arched frameworks, folding line -shaped frames, cantilever frameworks, suspension structures, etc.

Gang frame frame The structure is a combination of beams and column unit components. It is a load -bearing skeleton system for columns and linear, curved, or folded beams.

It has a wide variety of forms. There are more dual -slope door rigid stands of single -layer single -span, double or multi -spans. It can set up sunroof, ventilation roof and lighting bands according to the needs of ventilation and lighting. The section of the entire component is small, which can effectively use the building space to reduce the height of the house and reduce the building volume. Well, the stiffness in the plane and outside of the plane is small, and it provides more favorable conditions for manufacturing, transportation, and installation.

The steel volume and lotus planting, span, column height, and structural form of the door -type rigid stand are In terms of, the total steel volume (no crane beam) is 8 ~ 30kg/m2. 3.1 door -type rigid structural form. Real abdomen and composition; according to the composition of the cross section, there are equivalent section and transformer section.

The cross section of the solid -stricken rigid frame is generally H, a few are Z -shaped; The cross section is rectangular or triangular; selected by the structure according to the structure, there are general steel, thin -walled steel, steel pipes or steel plates welded.

The door -type solid abdomen is suitable for small loads. The span can be based on the process requirements. More than 10 m to dozens of single -story factory buildings or warehouses with small children with small children or cranes.

When the span does not exceed 15 pillars height or 6 takes, and plastic plastic plastic When designing sexual theory, the cross -section should be adopted; when the span is greater than 15 pillars above 7m and there are cranes, the cross section should be used. The rigid framework of the small slope.

The pillar adopts a cross -section column, the roof beam is reasonable, the middle part of the beam is close to the level, and there is no middle column inside. Convenient, at the same time, the system does not require a higher intermediate air, and the roof slope is small, which can save the cost of non -use space and the cost of insulation.

The system design span 948 eaves 3 ~ 91 3 ~ 91 The slope of the roof can be 1/12, 1/16, and 1/20, and the column distance is 6 ~ 91 suitable for industrial large -span plants, grain library, warehouse and other buildings. The columns and flat beams, the slope of the roof is small, the wall line is concise, the space is compact, the wall column and the ring beam are flat, the stability is good, and the indoor and outdoor are more beautiful.

At the same time, this form saves heating and cooling. The cost, has good commercial application value, is suitable for office, supermarket, cafeteria, auditorium, etc.

The design of the system design of 924 eaves 37.5 , 1/20, 1/24, the pillar distance, in addition to all characteristics described in the structure type 1, can also set up 3 rows of inner columns in the internal to make the factory size larger. Efficient, the land of the factory area is fully utilized.

This economy setting is very suitable for warehouses, offices, exhibition halls, light industry equipment factories, etc.

This system design span 36. This system except the system except In addition to the characteristics of structural type 2, it has the most modern appearance and the smallest roof slope.

If you add a truss beam or a longitudinal support beam to the inside 15. 18NU This system is suitable for shopping centers, supermarkets, warehousing, industrial plant and commercial office buildings, etc.

This form of design span 3096 eaves high 3.67.5 Gong roof slope 1/48, pillar distance 6 ~ 9M. For example, the system has the characteristics of the structure of the structure 3, the slope of the roof is 1/48, and the column distance structure type 6, coupled with the inner column to make the business application of the series more economical, can display more economically, can display more more economically, and can display it more more than displaying it, and can display it more than displaying it. Its structural advantage.

Suitable for warehouses, exhibition halls, shopping centers, large clothing factories, etc.

This form of design span 34 ~ 96 eaves 篼 3.67.5 roar house surface slope 1/24 , 1/30, for example, the roof slope of the system of the system is smaller, and it is the form of a single slope and a single drainage area. The typical overlapping circumference beam and the small roof slope are its structural characteristics.

Therefore, therefore Suitable for the expansion, shops, simple warehouses, etc. of buildings.

This system can also be added Add inner columns to increase the net span space to make it more practical.

This form of design span 1861 Gong Eaves 篼 3.7 ~ 33 rigid multi -layer structure forms of multi -layer structures are also diverse Part of the floor structure, support structure, wall plate or wall frame structure related to the pillars and beams, in which the multi -layer support is the connection of the beam and the column to all or partially to make it.

Support support The structure plane layout is flexible, and the component is standardized.

The multi -layer structure of the rigid frame can be formed in the rigid frame structure, or it can be a local frame. 6 ~ 12 Steel volume 30 ~ 60kgta2. The system structure is used for electronics, mechanical industrial plants, as well as commercial shopping centers, office buildings and production plants. The surrounding structure of the structure mainly refers to the roof and wall system. It is a more independent system that is different from the traditional reinforced concrete building structure and gradually mature and perfect. It is more light than reinforced concrete plates and masonry, and the manufacturing, installation, colorful, bright color, and beautiful appearance of colorful pressure plates.

At the same time, the materials and components of the roof and wall system are also composed of the materials and components of the wall system. , Insulation materials, lighting materials, roof ventilation equipment, process opening, sky ditch, and pan -water collection, etc., here are no longer described in detail.

The purpose of the light steel structure design of the light steel structure It should ensure the structure and components on the basis of fully meeting the expected safety and use requirements, so as to achieve advanced technology, reasonable economy, safe applicability and ensure quality children.

Therefore, in the design of light steel structure design Note: When designing, the structure should be ensured that the structure can meet the requirements of strength, stiffness, stability, durability, and other functions. Components and standardized nodes are preferred to adopt building materials and finished products that are compatible with light steel structures or supporting facilities.

The design of the structure adopts the probability limit status design method based on probability theory. 123] The load -bearing structure should be designed according to the limits of the bearer capacity and the normal use limit. The design lots include earthquake loads, wind loads, snow loads, ash loads, crane loads, installation loads, and self -weight.

The roof structure is generally adopted with a cricket system. The layout of the cover support system needs to ensure the spatial work, overall stiffness and stability of the structure, which can effectively transmit wind loads, crane horizontal force and earthquake force.向支撑和垂直支撑中的交叉斜杆以及柔性系杆按拉杆设计;非交叉斜杆、横杆以及刚性系杆按压杆设计.

  在节点处所有杆件的几何轴线应尽量The exchange is one point, if the structure is sure Difficulties should also strive to reduce eccentric value and consider its eccentric impact.

If the wall beam is adopted, the strength and stability of the wall beam must be considered. The wall thickness of the wall thickness should not be less than the thickness of the wall thickness of the 1.5 frame beam pillar component. Steel structure steel and 候 weather resistance structure steel.

Single -layer light steel structures of the main horizontal force frames of the beam and column components should be preferentially adopted by solid abdominal components, such as welding H -shaped steel, and wide wings can be used for pillars. Fate H -shaped steel, a narrow -winged edge H -shaped steel for beams.

When the side stiffness of the door -type rigid stand can meet the requirements of the use, it is advisable to use column feet and basic hinges. When the horizontal load is large, when the eaves are separated or have a high side stiffness requirements, the square uses a rigid.

There is no crane, only a hanging car or only a heavy child is not greater than 5T more than 5T When a non -heavy -level working crane, the pillar branch should adopt a whole roots steel, which supports the middle cross -point node board and the node boards at both ends.

At the time of pressure, arrange occasional support at the edge of the compressed wing edge as the side support of the beam, and the end of the occasional support is connected to the strip.

6 -knitting the door just through the development and application of recent years. The more complete system, with design software, enables its light steel structure, especially the door -type rigid frame structure can be quickly and accurately drawn with the project. It avoids the traditional design drawing method. , During the processing and installation process, it is more large -scale and systematic.

With the continuous development of the steel structure, the development of light steel structures will become increasingly widespread.

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