What is corrugated metal stainless steel plate?

Water ripple stainless steel “as the name suggests, is made of stainless steel material to make the effect of water ripple. Its reflection of light will be more delicate and gentle than mirror reflection, with both hardness and softness;

Stainless steel corrugated plate is one of the mainstream styles in the ceiling design of modern hotels, KTVs and clubs. It has rich colors, such as rose gold, champagne gold, sapphire blue, etc., which is fashionable.

In the decoration of commercial space, the fire protection will be higher. For example, sales offices, department stores, hotels, etc., stainless steel corrugated plates are used for decoration, which can meet the performance requirements of firmness, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and color resistance; It can be used in exterior walls and wet areas; Facade curtain wall, toilet, water curtain beautification area and other places.

When the stainless steel corrugated plate of the mirror is used in the ceiling on the top surface, the whole space becomes more empty and bright. The depth will change and glitter under different light or illumination, which greatly deepens the sense of spatial hierarchy. The reflected image is pleasant and conveys a visual effect similar to impressionist painting; The stainless steel water corrugated plate is easier to clean and free from frequent maintenance after fingerprint free treatment.

Corrugated stainless steel embossed plate has been popular in various decoration industries for a long time. It will not rust and is very beautiful. Acid and alkali resistant, high density, no bubbles and small holes during polishing.

It has various styles, durability, rich colors, strong three-dimensional effect, and also has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection and fire prevention. The corrugated stainless steel plate also has the stable properties of ordinary stainless steel plate and will not change its properties due to the moisture in the air.

In addition, it is harder and more durable. Specifically, corrugated stainless steel plate has the following advantages:

1、 Combined with the natural color characteristics of metal, good performance

The stainless steel corrugated plate retains the metal characteristics of stainless steel. At the same time, the stainless steel water corrugated plate also has metal luster and high decorative performance, which makes it particularly textured.

2、 Large visual effect

The overall decorative effect of stainless steel corrugated plate on the mirror surface will make the space more open. With the lighting effect, it is very stylish.

What is corrugated stainless steel plate? What are the main applications?

3、 Specific stereoscopic effect

The surface of the stainless steel corrugated plate is wavy, and the surface is uneven, creating a unique three-dimensional feeling.

4、 Versatile and customized

Stainless steel corrugated plate can be used in ceiling, wallboard and other places. The specification and size can be customized, and the pattern can also be customized according to the sample.

5、 Installation method of corrugated metal stainless steel plate:

The first method is to apply the structural adhesive of the stainless steel plate with the base course bottomed and joints reserved. ‘before the strength is applied, a lot of sticks need to be supported below. Many stainless steels installed on site are similar to those supported on the formwork,

The second method is that after the stainless steel processing of the base plate is required for the same top layer, the fixed corner code is welded on the four sides and fixed on the shed with self tapping screws. This method saves time and effort, but the plate is divided into blocks, which should not be too large, and it is easy to collapse.

The third method is to weld the keel to connect the stainless steel plate processing work with the composite plate of the wind formwork in the form of a socket. This method is used when the fire rating is relatively high, the door surface cannot be used as a base plate, and a large plate surface is required for blocking.

6、 What are the embossing processes for corrugated stainless steel?

Single side embossing

Process: when a single cylinder pattern mold is working through the rolling mechanical equipment, the stainless steel coil is extruded to make its front face show concave convex pattern and the reverse face flat.

Features: it has the characteristics of scratch resistance, impact resistance, dirt resistance, easy cleaning, anti sticking, etc.

Production thickness: 0.8-2.0mm, width less than 1.22m, length can be customized (within 6m).

Double embossing

Process: the stainless steel sheet is extruded on both sides through the rolling mechanical equipment under the working condition of two cylindrical pattern dies, so that the front and back sides of the stainless steel sheet show the pattern shape of concave convex undulation, commonly known as double-sided embossing.

Features: it has the characteristics of scratch resistance, impact resistance, dirt resistance, easy cleaning, anti sticking, etc.

Production thickness: 0.8-2.0mm, width less than 1.22m, length can be customized (within 6m).

Water ripple surface

Process: the stainless steel sheet is extruded up and down by hydraulic mechanical equipment, so that the surface has a multi-level pattern structure of concave convex fluctuation

Features: it forms a sparkling effect under the refraction of light, commonly known as water ripple.

Production thickness: 0.8-5.0mm, width less than 1.5m, length can be customized (within 6m).

Corrugated stainless steel has been frequently used for decoration in recent years, especially in the suspended ceilings of some hotel and catering commercial spaces, but it can also be used for external walls and wet areas, such as facade curtain walls, water curtain landscaping areas, etc

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