Liuzhou Bangsheng Steel Structure Processing Factory: Operating Craft of Steel Structure Plant Project

Guangxi Steel Structure Manufacturer Liuzhou Bangsheng Steel Structure Technology Co., Ltd. (15807722250) entrepreneurship in the 1990s. After the installation of our steel structure plant, for the owner, it cannot change its structure without permission. No bolt and other components can not be increased or reduced.

1. The first school steel column, the vertical deviation is controlled within 20mm, which decouples the crane. Its verticality is tested with a diameter circuit instrument. The final correction of the position of the steel column makes the installation deviation comply with relevant regulations. Then use a 10mm thick steel mold to locate it around the column, fix it with electric welding. After the steel column is resumed, the anchoring bolt is fixed, and the upper and lower dots of the load -bearing block are fixed to prevent movement.

The operation process of the steel structure plant engineering

2. The hanging method of the steel pile is similar to the assembly steel bar. Double -machine lifting can be lifted with a double -machine lifting. When hanging up, the dual machine is lifted up at the same time, paused after a certain height from the ground, moved to the transport flat car, and then opened the rotary to brake at the same time. The machine is lifted separately by the host, and the steel pile is inserted into the anchor snail inspection.


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