Steel structure plant

What are the fire prevention measures in the steel structure plant? What are the fire prevention requirements of the steel structure plant?

Steel structure plant is a structural form dominated by steel production. It is a structure composed of welding, bolt connection or riveting by the structural component made of steel and steel plates. Because steel has high strength and good plasticity and weldability, it is easy to process into various profile products, which is widely used.

The main problems often encountered in the steel structure engineering are:

1. Large fire load;

2, low fire resistance limit;

3. Evacation;

4, large span and small spatial utilization rate and other shortcomings.

In order to prevent the emergence of the above problems, corresponding fire prevention technical measures must be taken during the construction process, as follows:

1. Fire treatment of the component:

When using difficult or non -combustible materials for columns, beams, flooring, and walls of the wooden structure, it should be applied to the surface of the rust, After cotton cloth, seal it with metal custard; when using non -combustion body as load -bearing components (such as light steel) should be sprayed with anticorrosive paint on its surface;

(Such as the brick wall) should be painted on its surface or impregnated asbestos and then sealed with metal cotton.

2. Set firewall:

Set a firewall in the building and separate the two adjacent safety exits.

3. Use flame retardant decoration materials:

The ceiling, wall surface and floor in the building should be selected Made; ceiling keels must not be used as wooden keel or other combustible materials; the socket boxes, switch boxes and other electrical equipment shells on the indoor wall should be made of non -combustion body.


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