How to light the steel structure factory roof?Steel structure manufacturers to answer you

The attic space is limited. When there is no lighting window, you can also set on the roof. The steel structure plant can also be developed on the top of the building. General steel structure factories or warehouses have lighting windows, which can also meet the needs of lighting. However, for multi -crossing industrial factories, it is not enough to apply window lighting. Very large, the center of the industrial plant is far from the lighting window, which is bound to harm light. The roof lighting is a good choice. Generally, it can be used as a raw material with good light transmittance such as endurance board and glass fiber reinforcement anticorrosive lighting machine as the raw material of the roof. Below is briefly introduced by Winbon’s basic construction of steel structure factories.

Steel structure plant

1. Steel structure factory building surface surface lighting method

The lighting of carbonated endurance boards should be made into an arc or slope -shaped frame, and the decorative strips of self -attack screws and aluminum alloy profiles are fixed. The special type of neutralized seal tape is waterproof.

2. FRP anti -corrosion lighting board, you can make a single panel (pairing with the roof color steel plate), fix it with a self -attack screw and saddle cushion, and use the color steel plate vertically The selection of long polypropylene sealing tape is waterproof, you can choose a pre -pores slightly large self -attack screw pore diameter in order to heat and swell; it can also be made into two layers of lighting windows.

2. The assembly of the surface lighting board of the steel structure factory house

Polycarbonic acid endurance board should be tailor -made for anti -climate The lighting products must be intended in the installation, and the loss and scratching will affect the period of use. The lighting plate is connected with the color steel tile, and the lighting board must be attached to the color steel tile. The glass fiber reinforcement anti -corrosion lighting board is made of the same model as the color steel tile. When the roof is long, the lighting is the same as the laid tile. If some settings are set, the buried overlap length is short, and the next layer of the next layer is wiped with a strong glue all the way in the wide position, and then pressed the top plate. If the lighting board and color steel tile are not the same specifications, the length setting is required, and the plate and the plate should be used to return with a cover. Can be used to use glass fiber reinforcement to use the adaptation of the joint, so that the sealing characteristics can be improved.

3. Common assembly and lighting panels Talk-About-Steel-Structural-Fire-Prevent-From-MEChanical-Performance-Characteristical

1. The outer diameter of the punch must be 50%larger than the fixed -fixed pore diameter, which is used as the use of thermal expansion and contraction.

2. The well -used waterproof sealing ring is in the middle of the screw and lighting plate, so as to achieve the effect of waterproof and pollution.

3. Put double -sided glue on the trusher side to prevent the lighting board from rubbing directly with the trusher. 4. There are two double -sided glue in the vertical overlapping position to achieve waterproof function. Report/feedback

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