Steel structure knowledge: tailor -made to build customers satisfied with steel structure factories

The satisfying steel structure factories that make customers are satisfactory not only stipulate that the appearance is clean and tidy air, the quality is in line with various technical standards, and it must also be targeted at different applications. When the customer is willing to build a steel structure plant, the steel structure company must fully consider the nature of the factory after completion. It should be tailor -made according to the place and its comprehensive customers in advance, how to use it, etc., and carefully produce it. Satisfied steel structure plant. This is an engineering project that requires a large number of staff to cooperate with each other.

[1] Business manager position responsibilities

As a business manager, when touching the business with customers, do not rush to give examples first, Instead, calm down to listen to the needs of customers, and in the first time, we must master the true role of customers. Provide customers with some professional suggestions at the right time. If there are many workers in the factory or outdoor work, it is necessary to improve the number of wind changes, and it is guaranteed that the natural ventilation regulations are very

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If some factory buildings are limited by manufacturing conditions, the living environment of constant temperature and humidity equipment must be selected. Cotton -colored steel plates are recommended to install air conditioners at the same time; there are also some factory buildings that are likely to have water vapor or strong acid and strong alkali etching gases in the room before production. Generally, we recommend that you use metal slices to make walls and flat houses. Noodles, and the use of mud bricks, the steel beams and its steel columns also need to improve rust -proof treatment.

[2] Indoor designer clear plan

Interior designer should clearly construct a plan according to the customer’s median application characteristics. For example, in the steel structure plant, whether the customer needs to have heavy machine equipment, the production line equipment and the production line placement site, etc., the comprehensive application situation, instead of the design scheme of the gate -type steel frame. Clarify the steel structure of the steel structure plant, the amount of steel and the scheme are consistent with cost -effective standards. When a single -sided steel structure plant span the span of about 30 meters and does not need to be equipped with a crane, the customer should be recommended to change the plan and select the steel structure mesh.

[3] Production and installation workers cooperate with each other

In addition to the actual dry -type solution, the most critical is that high -quality system is required Conclusion, in the production, processing, production, and installation steps of steel structure components, a large number of staff need to cooperate with each other. Each link is closely related.


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