What are the categories of steel structure factories?

What are the classifications of steel structure plants? The current demand for steel structure factories in my country’s industrial projects is greater and larger. The steel structure plant has been favored by many advantages such as its construction simple construction, short construction period, high utilization rate, recyclable rate, and recyclable. The matchmaking structure that matches it is well received by users with the advantages of fast installation, convenient disassembly, strong waterproofing, and good thermal insulation effect. The following is a brief analysis of the category of the single -sided steel structure plant by Yongyi Steel Structure. It can be regulated from the external surface and structure, from the external architectural structure:

Simple, the industrial plant built casually with white iron skin.

2. Steel structure plant: The steel structure plant is divided into a rigid structure or a general steel frame structure. Cai Gang is much better than ordinary.

3. Concrete structure: It is built with bricks to build walls and concrete. This type of structural safety factor and fire resistance must be better than the previous two.

From the perspective of structure: the production workshop with beef legs and no beef legs can be loaded (also known as driving), which is a critical part of industrialized production. If there is any If the mechanical and equipment must be loaded, there must be a beef leg to apply what prefabricated component components can be used to apply a single -sided steel structure plant.

1. The architecture of the house

Includes the roof panel, roof frame (or roof beam) and panoramic sky window frames, fixed brackets, etc. The roof panel is immediately paved on the roof or roof main beam, undertake the load on it, and sends it to the roof or roof beam. The roof rack (roof beam) is a key load pre -pre -made component of the building structure. The load and panoramic sunroof load on the roof panel must be responsible for the roof frame (roof beam), and the roof frame (roof beam) is idle on the pillar.

2. Crane beam

The crane beam is placed on the beef leg extended outside the pillar. This load is sent to the pillar.

3. Pillar

Pillar is a key load pre -pre -made component of the industrial plant. Send this load to basic.

4. Basic

All loads on the pillars, and some wall loads on the basal beam, and are basically sent to the roadbed. Basically choose integrated basic.

5. Wall enclosure structure system software

includes walls around the industrial plant, anti -impact column, wall beams and basic beams. The key to the load assumed by this prefabricated component is the weight of the wall and prefabricated components and the wind load on the wall.

6. System Software of the Support point

The support point system software contains the majority of two two support points and the roof frame support point. Its efficacy is to enhance the overall bending and stiffness of the indoor space constructed by the industrial plant structure and Reliability, Steel-Structure-Building-Has-Gradually-BECOME-the-Development-Trend key transmission level wind load and its crane cutting pressure.


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