Nanning Steel Structure Processing Plant: What are the characteristics of steel structure structure?

Nanning Steel Structure Processing Factory Guangxi Bangsheng Steel Structure described the steel structure structure https: www.sgsbuilding.comnewsindustrycompleTion-OF-STRUEL-Installation -Of-the -Dimensional-WAREHOUSE What are the characteristics of the plant

1. Seismicity

The roofs of the low-layer villa are sloped roofs, so Most of the roof structure uses a triangular roof system made of cold -curved steel components. After the light steel component has formed a very strong plate rib structure system after the structured board and gypsum board are seized. \” The ability of stronger earthquake resistance and resistance to horizontal loads is suitable for areas with a seismic level of 8 degrees or more

2. Wind resistance

Light, high strength, good overall stiffness, and strong deformation capacity of steel structures. The building’s self -weight is only one -fifth of the brick -concrete structure, which can resist the storm of 70 meters per second, so that personal safety can be effectively maintained. [ 123]

Three, durability

The light steel structure housing structure is all composed of cold -bent and thin wall steel components, and the steel bone is very anti -corrosion, high -strength, cold -plated and plated The manufacture of zinc plates to effectively prevent the impact of the steel plate in the process of application I and the use process, and enhance the period of use of light steel components. The structure of the structure can reach 100 years.


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