How to calculate the cost of steel structure plant per square meter

Following the comprehensive control of the new crown epidemic, Volkswagen’s production days have gradually recovered, and some companies have basically launched a new round of launch and completion. When more and more industrial factories are rolling and undulating, we see The construction of a large amount of light steel structure is generally used by the company. The advantages of steel structure factories are increasingly loved by customers because of their low cost, fast production, more green green, and good seismic levels.

But different types of industrial plants are also very different due to the difference in material selection. Many layman and even some professionals are not easy to calculate its accurate cost. Because its capital calculation is relatively complicated, it is required to calculate a variety of costs, and many details are also very simple to cause neglect, and then an error occurs. As a result, the budget analysis of steel structure manufacturers is also very important. We can explain the construction case of Yongyi Steel Structure manufacturers, which is conducive to grasp. This is a relatively simple single -sided steel structure plant. First of all, it is necessary to understand the fee of textbooks. At that time, the average price of building steel in 2018 was about 3700 yuan/ton; it was not necessary to consider span and height, because it had a lot to do with its capital. The height of this project is within 8 meters, the span is within 30 meters, and a 5 -ton lifting equipment is used. The cost of each square meter is about 500 yuan. Naturally, if there is no lifting equipment, the capital will certainly decrease. Asynchronous-ERECTION-CANTILEVER-BEAMS-OF-ZHUHAI-JINHAI-BRIDGE-IS-SMOOTHLY

The impact of money is divided into several situations: beyond 15 meters, the production cost will be reduced according to the span, but the basic span from 15 meters will be reduced. Capital. Such a relatively simple industrial plant engineering period is three months, and the average monthly salary of each construction worker is 3,000 yuan, plus the technical capital of the factory production line. Due to the initial links, the plan and charts are more complicated than ordinary house craftsmanship. This preparation requirement is as accurate as possible, otherwise it will cause a lot of consumption.

The following is the approximate price of the steel structure plant compiled by Yongyi Steel Structure based on the project construction process in recent years. The normal price positioning of a single-floor plant requires about 200-1000 yuan per square meter. Generally, the single-floor plant is below 10 meters, and the general price is about 600 yuan/square meter; 10 meters to 12 meters, generally about 750-1000 yuan/generally about 750-1000 yuan/ Flat meter. Because there are many independent variables, planning plans, technical standards, etc. will cost the overall cost, so only for reference. The actual quotation budget also needs to contact the manufacturer directly.


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