Xuzhou Steel Structure Project teaches you how to solve the problem of overheating in the summer of steel structure?

The editor of the Eightfang Steel Group of Jiangsu teaches you how to solve the problem of overheating houses in summer steel structure? Summer steel structure houses are quite hot, and some houses that use color steel single -story tiles cannot stand it. Those who use the sandwich board will be better. Regardless of what kind of material selection of steel structure houses, we https: www.sgsbuilding.comnewsindustRoduction-to-select-parttruction-part-organ-canopy Essence What good methods can we solve these factors? First of all, we analyzed the steel structure plant project.

From January to June, the indoor temperature of the steel structure plant can reach 30-40 ° C, even outdoor time of the above 30 ° C. However, Chengneng steel structure further studied the overheating problem of summer steel structure projects. After that, the new rock wool sandwich board can completely avoid worrying about the overheating factors. At the hot summer land festival in Wenzhou, it is not difficult to make the room temperature of the steel structure house exactly equal to the outdoor measurement value. It can be called environmentally friendly low -carbon products. In this case, when we use rock wool clip core boards, where do we deal with these factors?

1. ventilation and heat dissipation. In the summer, the steel structure attracts the sun through the sun. The atmospheric measurement value in the rock wool sandwiches is reduced, forming a low measurement value. The closer to the top surface, the higher the measurement value. We open a sunroof on the top plate (open a sunroof on the top of 10-15m2), so that the heating air flows through the skylight to the top, and the high temperature air at the bottom is supplemented by the facade window (chimney effect). The cooling effect.

2. For the roof ventilation, the steel structure has reached the above points. When the sun is direct, the indoor measurement value of the steel structure is 2 degrees higher than the exposure measurement value. How to reduce the indoor measurement of the steel structure? To this end, the rock wool clip core we launched uses a ventilated energy -saving roof to enable the roof to have the power of deep breathing, discharge the necessary eczema from the window layer, and discharge it out of the roof through the ventilation system to keep the entire roof dry and healthy; While the heat and water of the structure, it can also improve the heat insulation performance of the building and extend the use time of the building.

3. Wind -proof sunscreen (preventing steel structures from exposed directly to the sun). If the objects in the steel structure are heated by the sun, only ventilation through the sunroof is the real cooling method. The heated objects quickly radiate and spread heat, keeping the indoor air at low temperature. As long as the sun is blocked outdoors, the indoor object will attract the non -existent sunlight, so that the measurement turbulence in the steel structure will drop rapidly. (Folding windshield, manual and automatic windshield). At the same time, the windproof system of the steel structure has the advantages of blocking strong light without affecting the indoor light transmission, and it will not affect your mood to view the scenery.


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