The temperature change of the steel structure plant will cause deformation of the structure of the plant

Prevent the use of steel structure factories to produce problems:

1. Improve the fire resistance of the plant.

The steel structure directly affects the refractory performance of the plant, and the steel structure is not resistant to high temperature. In high temperature environment, the strength of the steel structure component itself is significantly reduced, which makes it deform or fail. To avoid collapse accidents immediately after the fire. In addition to changing the steel structure of the steel structure, in addition to changing the composition of the material manufacturing steel structure, the steel structure itself and the gold phase organization should also be changed to improve the fire resistance and weather resistance of the steel structure. Fire resistance, reasonable design of the thickness of the coating layer, coating layer according to the design value. The spraying method is the most economical and effective method. The construction speed is fast, especially for components with complex shapes. However, there are shortcomings such as rough surfaces and difficulties in this method, so it must be improved to its construction process.

2. Reinforcement of steel structure.

During the design process of the steel structure, the stability of the steel structure should be paid attention to, and it can be reinforced by changing the steel structure. Reasonably adjust the load, node nature, and transmission path of steel structure, and strengthen prestressed and spatial synergistic effects through additional components and support methods, and improve the capacity of steel structure.

3. Tour and stent design. https: www.sgsbuilding.Comesteel-Structuresteel-Structure-work-sprice-ins-building-prices

to improve the overall stability of the steel structure plant, ensure the overall stability of the plant, avoid it to avoid The component is too large, the pressure rod is not stable, and the type, equipment layout and temperature area of \u200b\u200bthe steel structure are reasonably designed, so that the plant support system is stable and reliable. You can set up a stable column support system in the temperature area in the plant, and coordinate the configuration of the horizontal level of the roof. The lower pillar branch of the workshop should be set as much as possible in the middle of the temperature range. The crane beams and other components can be freely expanded with temperature changes. At present, the steel structure roof is mainly composed of two types of colorful internal insulation cotton. One is the rigid roof, and the other is a composite flexible roof composed of a colorful internal insulation layer, air anchidal layer, and coil waterproof layer.

4. Reasonable design of temperature telescopic joints.

The temperature change of the steel structure plant will cause deformation of the structure of the plant. When the flat size of the steel structure plant is large, in order to avoid excessive temperature stress of the steel structure, the temperature telescopic joint should be set up reasonably, according to the steel structure Standardize the spatial spacing of the plant. Under normal circumstances, the settings of the double -pillar temperature control telescopic joint can achieve the longitudinal temperature control joint of the roof bracket.

5. Rust -proof steel structure.

The surface of the steel is directly exposed to the atmosphere, which is easily rust, and the environment of humid and corrosive media will accelerate the rust of the plant. In the design of the steel structure plant, the anti -rust treatment of each component should be paid to the component, and the environmental conditions of the corrosive medium and the steel structure should be strengthened to strengthen the total steel structure diagram and process layout, and the design of the material to ensure the safety of the plant during the probation period. Based on the different environmental and coating performance, the number of layers and thickness of rust -proof bottom paint and top paint coatings is used to give full play to the rust -proof effect of coating.


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