Understand the classification and advantages of the steel structure plant

With the continuous development of the modern economy, the superiority of steel structure engineering has been widely used in the engineering field with its superior construction speed, short period of time, high strength, high strength, prefabrication, installation, and applicable high -level large span. In the past, a large number of reinforced concrete structures and prestressed concrete structures were adopted in my country. On -site engineering and technical personnel lacked the construction experience of steel structure engineering, and the quality of construction quality directly affected the safety of the engineering structure. Therefore, the quality of steel structure engineering has also attracted more and more attention. Therefore, strengthening the quality control of steel structure engineering construction has important practical significance and necessity.

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There is a large indoor space inside the single -layer steel structure plant. It can consider the necessary production process of large and medium -sized manufacturing. The characteristics of construction machinery automation are widely used in industrialized production such as metallurgical industry, machinery and equipment manufacturing, motor manufacturing, chemical plants and its textiles. So what are the classification of single -layer steel structure plants? Today’s editor will be summarized.

Height: The height of the water seepage level of a single-layer steel structure has different heights. Some factory buildings are 4-5 meters high, and some are 6-7 meters. One can reach 11-12 meters or higher. Generally, the higher the height, the higher the difficulty of the project construction, the more expensive the cost will be.

Building structure: Simple steel structure plant: Simple factory buildings built with white iron skin, built faster and reliable;

Brick -mixed building structure: brick masonry as internal and external load beams, beams of load beams, bricks, beams of beams, beams, The roof, beams, and columns are structural buildings supporting points supporting points on the column wall by the effect of muddy soil. Its structural safety factor and fire resistance are good;


Steel structure plant There are Construction-Procedure-OF-STRUCTURE-HANGAR The characteristics of light weight, high pressure resistance, good reliability, divided into color rigid structure and general steel architecture, Cai Gang is better than ordinary steel than ordinary steel. Essence

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The advantages of the steel structure plant are mainly prominent:

The steel structure has strong toughness and ductility, the steel structure energy design solution is more spiritual, and large spans can be applicable. In addition, it is lighter than traditional buildings, so it is not high than traditional buildings, so the basic construction regulations are not high. In addition, if the steel structure is disassembled, the urban garbage is relatively small. The stainless steel plate can be purchased and reused. This is much stronger than the traditional building. Traditional buildings are always caused by many urban waste.

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Because of its relatively uniform inside of the material itself, the pressure resistance of stainless steel plates is not comparable to other building decorative materials. Because it has strong strength and toughness, Therefore, its safety factor is relatively high, and the characteristics of earthquake resistance are good. The use of brick tile kiln and gravel has been a big dedication for ecological environmental protection.

The steel structure has the characteristics of high level of industrialization, the production rate is relatively fast, and its installation construction rate is also relatively fast. The prefabricated components can be manufactured in large quantities, and the high level of industrialization can allow the production quality of prefabricated components to be reasonably controlled.

The detailed introduction of the steel structure factory roof frame can be selected according to the detailed situation.


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