Why does the steel structure plant choose to use color steel plate roof

The roof is a relatively important part of home decoration. At present, there are many raw materials on the roof decoration on the market. For example, the color steel board roof. Not only in the wall panel or the use of the steel structure plant, but also the roof of color steel plates in the terminal or waiting room, sports venue, and breeding plant in some stations.

What are the characteristics of Cai Gang tile today? Why does the steel structure plant use the color steel plate roof.

Beautiful and generous: The characteristics of color steel tiles are first beautiful and generous, especially there are many types of color steel tile frames that can be used through pressure plates. Essence In addition to the design of the design, its color is colorful, and it can be customized according to customer needs. For example, it can be a camouflage suit, a floor tile form, or a retro fashion wall.

Easy to assemble: the color steel tile installation is quite time -saving and effort. Because the color steel tile is originally a light -quality board, the quality is very light, such as the steel structure plant, if it is applied to color, if it is applied to color As a flat roof and comprehensive system software, steel tiles are largely reduced to a large extent.

durability: At present, any kind of color steel tiles on the market can be used at least 15 years. It is also very convenient if it is disassembled in the middle and late stages. The better color steel tile life can even reach 35 or more.

Insulation insulation: The insulation and insulation here refers to the rock wool color steel plate or color steel pressure plate (rock wool sandwich). It has insulation and warm thermal insulation properties. The root material in the rock wool color steel plate is generally used in foam plastic or glass fiber cotton and https: www.sgsbuilding.comnewsindustrywhat-then-the-tavantages-SUNLIGHT-CANLIGHT-CANOPY It Cotton and polyurethane materials. They all have good thermal insulation and refractory resistance.

Price: The price of color steel tiles and rock wool color steel plates is very effective, because the advantages of rapid manufacturing, light board quality, fast assembly, comparison with traditional steel structure plant engineering buildings In the construction, during construction, it can reduce the construction period and reduce expenses.


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