Introduction to steel structure plant

It is said that the two -story factory building is a factory building that basically develops in a single -story factory building. Unlike a single -story factory building, the two -story factory building is more beneficial when allocating the vertical production process process, which is not only small, but also easier to manage.

The floor plans of the double -layer factory building are various, and the key is divided into two types: there are two types of gallery -type layout and equal layout. Among them, the first one in the middle is a safe passage, which is suitable for small total area of \u200b\u200bfactory buildings; the latter is a factory that is suitable for large -scale spiritual stools. The hub station and the well are often arranged in the management center, and the clean air -conditioning computer room can be built on one or the bottom layer of the plant building.

The universal dual-layer plant occupies 4-5 meters, so that a stronger natural light source What-after-the-adjantages-OF- Steel-Structure-Hangar also achieved 6 meters. At the bottom of the dual -layer plant, most of them are used to place the more frequent machinery and equipment to be opened to the outside world. The key setting is the workshop or the finished product library. The high -rise floors of the double -storey plant are conducive to increasing span and establishing panoramic sunroofs. It is advisable to arrange large -scale production, processing and installation workshops or precision mechanical processing workshops.


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