Steel skeleton light board is also called Tianji board

Steel skeleton light board is also called Tianji board

Now many https: www.sgsbuilding.comsteel-structuresteel-workshop-prolDing -Prices Industrial factory buildings are used in steel structure buildings, because steel skeleton light plate steel structure factories can be used for most industries, such as chemical industry, traditional industry, high -tech new materials, and food industries. Steel structure buildings are suitable for multi -layer structures and large flat floors, and the plant can resist most of the harsh climate, and the structure is simple and easy to maintain and maintain.

Compared with the traditional concrete materials, the steel structure has the advantages of light quality, high strength, heat insulation, fire prevention, and easy to disassemble and recycle. , Early economic benefits.

The steel skeleton light plates supported by the steel structure plant are completed in advance, and only need to be transported to the scene to assemble it in place, so the steel structure plant is low in cost, the construction time is short, the construction time is short , Can be quickly put into production.

Light plate of the steel skeleton is also called the sky -based plate. The board uses cold -curved thin -wall steel as the main rib, auxiliary rib, and end ribs. Construction tendon, lightly pouring light energy -saving material, the plate is solidified and then the anti -seepage layer and water -resistant putty construction. It is applied with steel concrete and steel frame structure, which has the advantages of wide range, good process performance, and improvement of operating rates. ##


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