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The company has an engineering and technical personnel composed of senior engineers, designers, and senior technicians. A skilled and high -quality steel structure installation construction team. The complete color steel steel structure optimization design system and a complete set of standard installation procedures, the design is flexible and diverse, which will provide you with a reasonable and efficient solution. The company is located in the C8 Building C8 in Lingchuan Lingchuan, Guilin City, and is operated with integrity. Welcome How-CAN-A-METAL-BE-BUILT-WITH-11-Floors-INLY-29-HOURS [123 [123 ] Customers come to inquire.

The difference between the light steel structure and the heavy steel structure

The determination structure is that the structure of heavy steel and light steel does not have a consistent one. Regulating, many experienced designers or project managers often cannot talk about understanding, but we can consider and judge with some data:

1. Factory driving hanging up and hanging suspension Impressions: greater than equal to 25 tons, it can be considered as heavy steel structure.

2. Steel amount per square meter: greater than equal to 50kg/m2, which can be a heavy steel structure.

3. Main component steel plate thickness: greater than or equal to 10mm, less for light steel structure.

The classification of light steel and heavy steel is relative, and the boundaries are not clear. We generally call the H -shaped steel column plate that is greater than equal to 25mm steel components as heavy steel structures. The light steel structure is mainly used in load -bearing buildings that do not accept large loads. Select light H -shaped steel (welding or rolling; cross -section or equal section) to make door -shaped steel frame support. The roof and wall enclosure structure, using high -strength bolts, general bolts and self -attack screws such as connecting parts and sealing materials to assemble the low -level and multi -layer prefabricated steel structure house system.

In addition, there are some reference values: such as cost per square meter, large component components, large spans, structure methods, high -level eaves, the above to judge whether the plant is heavy steel or light steel It can provide data from time to time. Of course, many buildings are light and heavy steel.

But there are some we can say more about heavy steel: such as: petrochemical plant equipment, power plant plant, large span stadium, exhibition center, high or super high -rise Steel structure. After understanding the above understanding, we will definitely be clearer to the steel structure, and how to use our homework always depends on our actual situation.


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