There are so many measurement factors for the cost of steel structure plant

The construction of steel structure engineering is increasingly increasingly biased towards life. In the steel structure construction project, everyone is more concerned about the cost of the project. So which one is used to measure the cost of the steel structure plant? It is mainly measured by steel quantity, and its cost requires certain standards to compare.

[1] The amount of steel required for the steel structure plant has the greatest impact or steel volume. Coupled with the source of building steel, the imports are different from the domestic one. It is different in color steel tiles or color steel sandwiches. In the same material, the most harmful to steel volume is its total area. The total construction area depends on the amount of steel, and the natural custom structure is still affecting the range.

[2] The total construction area size. This is the most essential harm. The amount of steel required for the large area must be large, the cost of the steel structure plant is also high, the total width size is also Depending on its scope size, it is naturally closely related to the structure of the factory building.

[3] The structure span length of the steel frame. Generally speaking, the more span, the lower the cost. Naturally, the span is based on itself. The design scheme is different, the span is different, and the demand for the natural column distance is very different.

[4] Is there a crane Can-you-live-in-a-prefabricated-hous-for-a-long-time tonnage, the tonnage of the crane tonnage Selection is also a lot of attention. The selected tonnage is too large, which will lead to the consumption of the machine. If it is too small, it cannot meet the requirements of engineering construction. Natural prices are also different.

[5] The height of the engineering building, according to actual needs, every 10cm increased by 2 % to 3 %.

[6] The surrounding structure, I said that the real cost should be considered, doors, windows, walls.

[7] The types of construction structures in the city where the urban factories are located, and the time of engineering construction, the main use of these related influencing factors.


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