Structural characteristics of steel structure plant

The reinforcement home integrates the integrated service of reinforcement construction/design/appraisal. We can undertake all the construction reinforcement and reinforcement projects of all parts of the country, basic reinforcement, building correction, reinforcement of carbon fiber, sticky steel reinforcement, sticking steel reinforcement. Seismic reinforcement, engineering testing, reinforcement design, detection and appraisal and other businesses.

The structural characteristics of the steel structure plant

Compared with the traditional concrete material, the steel structure has light quality, large roof span, light houses, light houses High degree, short construction cycle, investment cost, fire resistance, good corrosion resistance, easy to disassemble and recyclable, can be quickly put into use, especially in the construction of plant construction very widely.

However, in order to improve the quality and life of the steel structure plant, it is necessary to detect and reinforce it. Especially for the load-bearing components of some steel structure factories, not only need to strengthen on-site construction What-Art-Steel-Structshop-AD-Frame-Structashop , but also science Effective reinforcement design solutions can maximize the structural stability and safety of steel structure factories.

A comprehensive understanding of the material performance and system of the steel structure plant

In the process of reinforcing the steel structure plant The reliability of the plant building, including the performance, structural system, and existing structural defects and damage of steel structure materials. Organized professional and technical professionals conducted a unified study of these issues, analyzed the current status and support of the force of steel structure factories, and laid the foundation for the next strengthening and optimization design.


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