Can you live in a prefabricated house for a long time?

The mobile residential container house initially occurred in various construction sites. Because the traditional mobile plank house is inconvenient to move, various items will be damaged after disassembly. Therefore, through various improvements, we found that the containers used to transform the houses not only have stable product quality, but also can be pulled out immediately according to the truck. It is simple, convenient and convenient to use. Therefore, various mobile container houses have gradually entered people’s lives.

When it comes to prefabricated houses, I believe everyone is familiar with them. They are environmentally friendly and economical prefabricated houses, which can be disassembled at will, are convenient for transportation and movement, and can be located in a variety of environments such as hillsides and hills. Now the movable plank houses are mostly used for living and working at construction sites. How much is the price per square meter? Do you contract labor and materials? Can you live for a long time?

1、 How much is the price of a prefabricated house per square meter?

At present, the transformed mobile container houses in the market have been sold, which is more cost-effective and the price is more appropriate than their own transformation. At this stage, the price of prefabricated houses that can basically meet the daily requirements is about 5000 yuan or 6000 yuan; It can also increase the cost of household appliances and furniture such as air conditioners. The price of some very high-end mobile container houses is about 50000 yuan or 60000 yuan.

Price list of mobile plank house:

  1. the old containers on the cargo ship are recycled and transformed with square steel as the support frame. At this stage, the sales price is about 5000-7000 yuan.
  2. the production and manufacturing of white iron sheet also has a new upgrade, using bad steel Square steel is the support frame, which is far from shipping containers, and will be upgraded by several grades. Some people also choose to transform the containers withdrawn from the shipping industry. At this stage, the sales price of such container houses is about 7000-10000 yuan.
  3. overseas foldable container room is mainly used to facilitate movement and transportation. At present, the sales price of such container houses is about 10000-150000 yuan.
  4. there is also a top-level mobile container room. The current sales price is generally between 20000 and 50000 yuan. The interior decoration style is high-end, and the application is particularly convenient. It is generally used in the offices of engineering construction enterprises.

At present, some people in the market use containers to transform single family villas, and the interior decoration design is more high-end. Luxury, so the cost of these prefabricated houses is higher, which is generally estimated by square meters.

2、 Can you live in a prefabricated house for a long time?

The service life of the prefabricated house is limited, and the specific living time needs to be determined according to the production process, installation, use, post maintenance and other factors. Generally, it can live for about 6 years when it is rough and not maintained on the construction site. If the service environment is good, it can be painted and maintained regularly, and can live for more than 10 years. In order to prolong the service life of movable plank houses, attention should be paid not to loosen bolts, self tapping screws and other fasteners at will; Do not keep jumping and running on the floor; Take fire prevention measures; Regular renovation, paint repair, etc.

How to make the movable plank house safer

It is common for construction sites to use prefabricated houses as offices and accommodation in northern China, while heating and non-standard power use in winter bring more potential safety hazards to prefabricated houses on construction sites. Relevant experts suggested that the safety specifications for prefabricated houses should be strictly implemented and the safety responsibilities of the construction party should be compacted.

First, strictly implement the safety standards for prefabricated houses. Zhangxiangping, senior engineer of Taiyuan fire rescue detachment, said that according to the technical code for fire safety at construction site of construction projects 2011, the fire protection design of dormitories and office buildings in temporary buildings should meet the following requirements: the combustion performance grade of building components is a, the building area of each floor should not be greater than 300 square meters, and dormitories should not be built in combination with kitchen operation rooms, boiler rooms, etc, The partition wall shall be separated from the floor base to the bottom of the roof base.

A professional from the Fire Department of the Department of housing and urban rural development of Shanxi Province said that due to different requirements on water, electricity, heating and other facilities for temporary houses of different natures, they need to be constructed according to the corresponding specifications during construction, and the nature of the houses cannot be changed at will. In addition, the fire-fighting specifications for movable plank houses used as offices and dormitories should also be strictly distinguished.

Second, it is necessary to ensure the electricity safety of movable plank houses. There are a large number of violations of the use specifications of portable houses, such as privately pulling wires and using high-power electrical appliances in portable houses. If the power line in the board room is difficult to meet the power demand of workers, it must be pulled again. The “leakage protector” and other safe electrical equipment should be forcibly promoted to the movable board room, and equipped with flame-retardant tubes. If the wire needs to pass through the wall of the color steel room, it must be covered with porcelain tubes or other flame retardant tubes.

Third, properly solve the problem of heating in prefabricated houses. In winter, the use of high-power heating equipment is very easy to cause short circuit and fire, so the relatively safe air conditioning and heating equipment should be fully equipped to prevent residents from using non-conforming electric blankets and other equipment.

Fourth, strengthen and refine the daily fire safety management in the prefabricated houses. Take the power plant site where the accident occurred as an example. Due to the strong professionalism of the construction, boilers, buildings, instruments, steam turbines and other fields are all constructed by different construction teams. It is common for the general contractor to subcontract the project to each construction team on the construction site. Although the general contractor is still the main responsible party for safety and is also equipped with a safety officer, it is difficult to form effective supervision in the actual management. It is recommended to compact the responsibilities of all parties and refine the fire safety management, Avoid disconnection and failure of safety responsibilities.

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