The solution of deviations when the steel structure plant is installed

Some incorrect occurrences will occur during the installation of the steel structure plant, which will cause some less ideal effects.

At this time, you need to use some measures and methods to save. 123]

1. When the steel structure enters the scene, it is necessary to carry out accurate measurement of sampling inspection, and immediately correct the resolution of deformed prefabricated components

Product-Characteristics-ADVANTAGES-OF-Flat-Packaging- Room , can be installed after reaching the standard;

2. Check and correct the detection instrument is intact, whether the measurement detection expires, and ensure the precision of the detection instrument; [123 123 ]

3. When the steel structure plant is produced, it is necessary to understand the reduction and deformation value of the load on the steel structure, and the closing deformation value of the connecting head welding. Pay attention to the change of foundation settlement;

4. Select the right time measurement to ensure the measurement accuracy;

5. After the steel structure is installed, the must Using reliable temporary fixing measures, or to produce stable modules to ensure the normal engineering construction of the steel structure plant;

6. The steel structure that exceeds the deviation of installation deviations exceeding the allowable deviation, and It is necessary to correct it in time, and the pre -pre -made component of the deviation steel structure that cannot be adjusted shall record the accurate measurement value. After the design scheme and the relevant unit agree, the visa shall be accepted and archived. There may be any deviations and measures that may occur during the installation of steel structure factories. If necessary, further understand the production and processing of Beijing Jiaxin Tongyuan Steel Structure, and you are welcome to ask for concern.


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