What are the advantages of the steel structure plant?Choose the steel, Qi Xin knows better

Steel structure plant node design and structure: steel pipe roof frame is only one of various types of steel pipe structures. In the single -layer steel structure plant, the steel pipe roof is mainly plane truss. It is more common to use space truss.

Tube frame and steel roof frame brought many changes in design due to different connection forms. Among them, the rod nodes of the tube roof rack are mostly used in the steel pipe structure widely used in the steel pipe structure. No node board connection, this connection method makes the node design and structure of the roof frame completely different from the design and structure of traditional connecting board nodes.

1. Although the connection of no knot panels can save the nodes of the node structure, the connection structure of the pipeline is relatively complicated, the manufacturing process requirements are high, and the plane is plane. The link is relatively simple. In addition, it is difficult to directly connect to welding, and it also requires high requirements for welding technology.

2. The design specifications and structural requirements of directly connecting the node of the steel pipe roof stand, the scope of the scope of geometric parameters, the bearer capacity and joint calculation method of the geometric parameters in various steel structure plants.

3. The design of the roofing frame of the steel structure plant should be simplified as possible and the unified roof frame node structure should be reduced to reduce the number of nodes. root.

4. Steel tube roof frame and the tile welded steel pipe wall of the tie rods that are directly connected to nodes should not be greater than 25mm, otherwise, measures should be taken to prevent larger stress along the trolley rod. The welding thickness direction generates layered deformation.

Although the steel pipe roof has a certain advantage of saving steel than steel roof frame, its unit price is generally slightly higher than ordinary profiles, and the complexity of processing and manufacturing will weaken or offset this one Advantages should comprehensively balance the effects of various factors in design, and control the cost of steel structure plant engineering in a reasonable range.

Dongguan Qixin Steel Structural Material Company has focused on the production of steel structure materials and processing for 8 years (production, processing, manufacturing and manufacturing rock scaller plates, glass magnesium, aluminum magnesium manganese plate, C/Z steel, Lou Cheng board, single tiles, gas building tiles, resin tiles, slot steel, etc. Steel-Structure-Building-Has-Gradually-BECOME-the-development-Trend Various profiles) Select the steel, Qixin Understand.

With the continuous development of the business, the company successively built wave production lines, C -type steel production lines, various single -tile production lines, folding edge distribution production lines, sandwich board production lines, products are: composite Symbols (tiles), color waves (tiles), insulation plate (tile), foam plate (tile), C -type steel, Z -type steel, and products can meet the needs of various steel structure projects.

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