The acceptance of the steel structure plant is carried out in this way to avoid omissions!

The construction specifications of the steel structure plant need to be implemented strictly in accordance with the standards. We must not take it lightly in the process of ending acceptance. We need to perform a reasonable inspection according to each step.

1. In the beginning, we must first strictly control the construction loads of roof, floor, and platform to avoid the load -bearing capacity of beams, truss, floor, and roof panels. After the formation of the space unit, the gap between the column bottom plate and the basics of the foundation should be poured in time, and the fine stone concrete, grouting, etc. should be poured in time.

2. Positioning axis, base Construction-Process-And-Steps-OF-STRUCTURE-Workshop Basic axis and elevation, ground foot bolts and other ones Some fasteners need to meet the design requirements. Basic support surface elevation allows the deviation of 3mm. The center of the ground bolt shifts at 5mm, the allowable deviation of the reserved hole center is 10mm, the exposed length of the ground foot bolt is 0-30mm, and the allowable deviation of the thread length is 0 ~ 30mm.

3. Steel structure workshop acceptance specifications, the contact surface should not be less than 70 % of the seams and its side seam distance should not be greater than 0.8mm.

4. Timely check the verticality and side bending vector height of the steel frame, truss and compression components in time, and check the vertical and horizontal displacement deviation of the steel column. The reference point standard of the hanging beam pillar allows the deviation between 3 ~ 5; the reference point without crane beams and columns allows the deviation to be controlled at 5 ~ 8; for a single layer column The allowable deviation is H/1000; in turn, when\u003e 10m, the allowable deviation at this time is H/1000; for multi -nodular columns, the allowable deviation at this time is H/1000, and \u003c10mm.

5. The vertical deviation of the crane beam in the steel structure plant can be within one 5 % of the overall crane height. Essence

6. After the initial steel frame is installed and placed in place, tools such as wind rope, rolling machine should be used to ensure its stability. After the front steel frame is fully installed and corrected, the support system needs to be installed in time, including column support, rigid lever, and roof level support. Stablize.

7. Check the connection of the roof support rod, the connection of the oblique rod, the direct support of the slashing rod, check whether the connection of the wall support, oblique support, and direct set of sleeves are Install. If there is a pillar, check the connection and quantity of the steel pillar.

8. Timely check the horizontal support, rigid lever, column support connection position and quantity of timely inspection.

The above is the acceptance specification and process of the steel structure plant. I hope that the construction results of each steel structure manufacturer can reach satisfaction. The above content hopes to help you!


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