How to prevent the foundation of the site of the old steel structure plant

I want to know more Development-And-APPLICATION-OF-NC-Stretch-TechNOLOGY-AD-EQUIPMENT-METAL-BEAMSED-the-APPRAISAL How wonderful is it wonderful?Content, come and pay attention to the old steel structure plant

Old steel structure plant

How to prevent the foundation of the steel structure from the foundation must be undertaken from the foundation.Start.The foundation inheritance of the steel structure at the field of steel at a height of 1 meter, 1 meter width and 1 meter depth at a base of 25kg per square meter must be reached.Steel structures per square meter ash to 35kg must be made at the field of steel structures and 1.2 meters.Specifically, according to the situation of the ground itself.

In the case of the steel structure plant, how can you prevent the steel structure plant from sinking in the basis of the early investment. Simply put, it is reinforcement.Circle all steel structure columns to form a mesh.This method can prevent sinking from the foundation of steel structure factories.


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