“Development and application of NC stretch bending technology and equipment for large metal beams” passed the appraisal

On the morning of February 10, Guangdong Machinery Industry Association hosted the scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting of the project “development and application of large metal beam numerical control stretching and bending technology and equipment” in Guangzhou. Through expert appraisal, this achievement is innovative, and it is at the international advanced level in key technologies such as NC stretch bending technology and equipment for large metal beams.

The appraisal committee, composed of 7 experts from South China University of technology, Guangzhou University, Foshan Institute of science and technology, Shunde Vocational and technical college, China Electric Appliance Research Institute, Intelligent Manufacturing Institute of Guangdong Academy of Sciences and Foshan Nanhai Zhongnan Machinery Co., Ltd., listened carefully to the technical research work reports of scientific researchers, reviewed the appraisal technical data and watched video clips. After questioning and discussion, It is agreed that the project has passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements.

Bending profiles are widely used in automotive, aerospace, pipeline engineering, engineering machinery, petrochemical and other industrial fields, and occupy a very important position. With the continuous development of science and technology, bending profiles are widely used in various industries. The quality of bending profiles will directly affect the safety, reliability and rationality of product structure in these industries.

It is understood that the “development and application of large-scale metal beam numerical control stretch bending technology and equipment” project adopts the servo hydraulic power drive assembly system technology with core independent intellectual property rights, intelligent numerical control stretch bending precision control technology, linkage stretch bending machine sandwich drive technology, and swivel arm base linkage hinge technology. It has developed one-time precision stretch bending technology and equipment for large-scale metal beams, which has the characteristics of high production efficiency and product precision, The products of the project have been used by the users, with good response and significant economic and social benefits.

“Compared with the previous stretch bending process, the position accuracy of the swing arm bar of the equipment we developed can be accurate to 0.02 °, the accuracy can be increased by 60%, the tension adjustment range can be increased by 42%, and the application range is wider.” The relevant person in charge of Guangdong high spectrum Bending Technology Co., Ltd. said that the project outcome equipment has been tested by Guangdong quality supervision machinery inspection station, and the inspected items meet the requirements of relevant standards. The products have been applied in aerospace, automobile manufacturing and other fields. The project achievements have been granted 2 invention patents, 2 utility model patents and 11 software copyrights.

It is reported that the gantry type stretching cylinder kit is used in the equipment development of the project, and its high rigidity technical advantages effectively solve the problems of stretching distortion and collet falling. At the same time, the mechanical arm adopts the conical shaft connection structure, so that the processing mechanical arm of the stretch bending machine can better bear the heavy load and impact load, reduce the up and down swing caused by the gap between the connecting parts of the rotating arm base, and greatly improve the stability and service life of the stretch bending machine.

Guangdong high spectrum Bending Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the field of metal cold bending, is committed to the research of metal bending process and the R & D and manufacturing of equipment, and provides customers with professional customized metal profile bending solutions. Shunde Graduate School of Beijing University of science and technology is the first graduate school of Beijing University of science and technology to run schools in other places. Focusing on the urgent need to develop industries in the region, the school integrates the Faculty of advantageous disciplines and local resources, focuses on advanced manufacturing, new materials, energy and environmental protection, information and communication, and vigorously promotes the transformation and implementation of scientific research achievements.

The project “development and application of large-scale metal beam numerical control stretch bending technology and equipment” was jointly completed by Guangdong high spectrum Bending Technology Co., Ltd., Shunde Graduate School of Beijing University of science and technology and Guangzhou high spectrum Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. The appraisal meeting of scientific and technological achievements was promoted and implemented by juzhicheng. The person in charge of juzhicheng said that the appraisal meeting was successfully held, which gave full play to the third-party science and technology evaluation role of the science and technology community. Juzhicheng focused on innovation planning and implementation, and helped enterprises realize the dual improvement of innovation value-added and product quality.

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