Safety Appraisal of Steel Structural Plant, Xiangyang City Industry and Trade Company, Hubei Province

Source: Zhongzheng Construction Research Institute

At present, the use of steel structure factories is the most common, and there is a factory building that is frame structure, and its advantages are more, but it will be slightly more steel structure than the steel structure. Weak. The most important thing is that during the construction of a framework structure, the amount of raw materials is very large, and the number of components needed to be used in the construction plant also directly leads to the increase in the workload of construction. The process is tedious and time -consuming and labor -intensive. Essence

The steel structure plant is relatively speaking, all aspects of conditions are advantageous. With the market, the application of steel structures is becoming more and more widely used, and people are more and more concerned about steel structure buildings, and they use to use the steel structure buildings, and use it to use the construction of steel structures and use it. The factory building built by steel structures not only builds a layer of advantages, but also has many advantages to build a multi -layer multi -layer framework plant.

The steel structure factories in this appraisal are located in Xiangyang City, Hubei Province. Through on -site surveys, the steel structure 1 factory of the ICBC is a 1 -layer steel structure, and the plane is irregularly arranged. The total length is about 106m, the total width is about 62m, and the height of the eaves is 21.8m. The total length is about 19m, the total width is about 15m, and the eaves height is 22.5m. Both of the two use color steel plates.

According to the \”Dangerous House Appraisal Standards\”, after comprehensively assessing the dangerous status of the foundation, foundation and upper structure of the house, the safety level of the steel structure 1 and No. 2 factories of the ICBC was evaluated as B as B. Level (Basic safety).

The reasonable design of the steel structure plant is related to its quality and the application effect after completion, which has an important role in the safety application of the industrial plant. Therefore, in the design process of steel structure factories Construction-Process-AD-STEPS-OF-STRUCTURE-Workshop , the project engineering should be comprehensively analyzed to ensure the safety application of steel structure factories.


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