Old steel structure plant

The steel structure that has been used has always been a topic of concern for people because of its repetitive utilization. Therefore, you know some of its characteristics, and what information should I pay attention to when reinforcement? You can understand these knowledge points. Friends who are interested come to see it.

The characteristics of the old steel structure

Stable structure, beautiful shape, short construction period, reasonable economy, high strength, lightness, large rigidity, especially suitable for building large spans, ultra -high, overweight types Architecture and factory buildings;

Materials uniformity and good same orientation, are ideal elasticity, conform to the basic hypotheses of general engineering mechanics;

The material has good plasticity, toughness, and can produce greater greater. The deformation can withstand good power loads;

Fourth is that its industrialization is high and can be highly mechanized and specialized; It is used to make gas tanks, oil tanks, transformers, etc.

Reinforcement data of the old steel structure.

Completion of the original structure and acceptance records.

A report on the original report or on -site material inspection report.

The original record of the original structural parts and installation acceptance.

The original structural design calculation book.

Inspection report of structure or component damage;

After the reinforcement, the existing load and new load

Control-OF-Contract-Quality-OF-STRUEL-Struct-Plant -ngineering

Data. Report/feedback

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