Pay attention to the aging of coatings of \”Old Steel Structure\” and \”Old Steel Structure Factory\”

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The old steel structure site.

Multi -layer light steel structures on the steel structure site are mostly welded or box -shaped section. The cross -sectional abdomen is thin, and the connection between the weak shaft and the beam is mostly connected with dumplings, which is strong.

For the lack of color steel tile insulation effects, after the colored steel tiles perform anticorrosive water and waterproof construction, you can apply insulation coatings on the surface to play the heat insulation effect. The multi -layer light steel site at the steel structure should be a spatial frame system composed of a industrial or sperm column and a beam. The components should be welded with steel plates. The system is small on the side of the rigidity and needs to be set with side support, or with the configuration of the elevator well, you can use a framework-resistance.

The axial direction adopts a rigid connection form. At the same time, the width of the steel structure board of the multi -layer residential residential residentiality should be avoided as much as possible. In order to reduce the self -weight of the multi -layer light steel site at the steel structure site, lightweight materials are mostly used. Most of the exterior walls are used in non-loading light walls. Most of the bottom walls are used in high clay brick masonry https: www.sgsbuilding.comsteel-Structuresteel-Structshop-Price-Steel-Building-Prices . Support the height of the horizontal surface of the corner steel horizontal limbs is consistent with the height of the floor template. The connection between the floor template and the supporting corner steel can be processed the same as the steel column.

In the steel structure industry on -site seismic design, first pay attention to the quality and rigidity of the site structure evenly in terms of overall configuration, so that the on -site force is uniform, deformation and coordination, and try to avoid the rigidity of the structural rigidity. In adverse effects, the horizontal structure on the scene should be adopted by a rigid structure, or the house and pillars have a certain fixed structure. Make full use of the force performance of the steel structure to reduce the deformation of the horizontal structure. Insufficient strength and unstable parts, so reasonably configure the support system to ensure the overall stability of the on -site structure, and the important role in the steel structure. In the case of designing the fatigue, pay attention to the design. The design of the structural connection point should ensure that the destruction of the node is not than that of the full -section of the structural component, so that the structural component enters plastic work, and fully absorbs the earthquake energy to exert earthquake resistance.

Pay attention to endurance problems during the construction of modern second -hand steel structures. In the brick structure, the steel bar structure is usually used to be stronger and safe, but in fact the steel structure is more popular. Steel structure is convenient to install at the site, strong strength, and use the second -hand steel structure site with high cost performance. The second -hand steel structure can be repeatedly used, greatly saving resources, mainly steel, steel is an irreversible resource. Repeatable use can save steel and often need to understand.

1. The overall layout requires a uniform distribution and structural quality of the on -site stiffness. Make the steel structure uniformly coordinated, and try to avoid the abnormal impact of the stiffness of the steel structure as much as possible. The horizontal structure of the on -site on -site should have a certain framework with the steel structure and the beam pillar. Transformed.

Attach importance to the natural environment around the steel structure on the spot. The air around the steel structure on the spot is relatively moist, and the steel structure will inevitably rust under the corrosion of water and air. Pay attention to the aging problem of steel structure coatings in the plant, regardless of the textbooks, basically have the characteristics of aging. This kind of anticorrosive coating is no exception. Essence


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