Steel structure plant construction anti -leakage construction technology

The construction of steel structure plants has a relatively great advantage in terms of cost, technology, and performance. However, due to the rapid development of steel structure plants, the material of the steel structure is widely used. It is precisely because of the rapid development of the light industry of steel structure materials that many materials that do not meet the standards are put into the market. In addition, the negligence and unreasonable negligence and unreasonable in actual construction construction has caused various problems in the steel structure plant. The most common is the most common. Question What-after-the-adjantages-of-setl-structure-hand is the occurrence of rainwater leakage. The leakage of rainwater will seriously affect the normal operation and construction of the plant, thereby causing complaints and dissatisfaction of many factory users, thereby affecting the quality credit of steel materials in the light industry. The implementation and development of anti -leakage technology are particularly important.

1. The reasons for the leakage of the steel structure plant

1. The node design problem of the construction of the steel structure plant: In the construction design of the steel structure plant, the designer of the node directly affects the leakage of the plant building. Direct reason. If the design of the node does not meet the standards that meet, it is easy to cause the connection of each part of the steel structure material to be tightly tight. If the tightness is insufficient, it will easily lead to the looseness of the node under the long -term natural impact and the accumulation of rainwater. The problem of leakage. Therefore, the design of the node of the factory construction needs to be tightly calculated, accurately calculate the location of the node and plan the design of the node, and ensure that the design of the node design meets the requirements of the construction.

2.施工中对关键节点的控制问题:在节点的设计完成下,保证实际施工过程中关键节点的质量控制也是非常重要的虽然钢结构的厂房施工难度更低,但是在During the construction process, if the quality of the procedures of each link should be effectively monitored and inspected. If the quality of the key node is not strictly controlled and the effective supervision of each order is not strictly controlled, the gaps and loopholes in each order will be easily. The buildings with gaps are prone to leakage of factory buildings under rainwater accumulation.

3. Construction material problem in the steel structure plant: The light board \u0026 quot; the materials of the lighting board in the construction of steel structure factories in the construction of steel structure factories will seriously affect the anti -leakage function of the steel structure plant. When purchasing the lighting board material, you need to ensure whether the quality of the lighting board material meets the requirements. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the process of transporting the materials to the construction area, and it is necessary to conduct the procedures for the inspection of the goods to inspect the goods. To ensure the lighting of the lighting. The quality and model of the board meet the requirements of construction, so as to ensure that the factory gaps are not caused by the problem of building materials during the construction process.

2. The anti -leakage technology of the construction of steel structure factories

1. Improvement measures for the enclosure system: In the process of installation and setting, first of all construction workers need to conduct projects in construction construction projects first Precise measurement and design to ensure that the design work meets the requirements of the construction; then plan the workflow and procedure of installing the line to ensure strict control of each link and the work of each part to ensure Quality problem of construction. Before installing the line, the construction personnel and designers need to be accurately measured and recorded on the program that has been plane on the installation plane. Mark the parts that do not meet the design requirements. Then the relevant integration and changes to the places that do not meet the design requirements will be made in time to correct places that do not meet the requirements to avoid a greater impact.

2. The anti -leakage improvement plan of the node: The installation of the lighting board plays an upper effect on the overall building of the steel structure factory. The entrance of the lighting board is good, and the lighting board must be installed after all the working procedures are completed. In the process of installing the lighting board, the building panel cannot be fixed directly, which will directly affect the quality problem of the plant building. The position of the lighting board should be fixed first, and then the roof panel is fixed by the self -attack nut. In addition, the fixation of the lighting board and the roof panel also needs to ensure the fit and tightness between the two, and leave the appropriate position to install the color plate steel pads. The tight fit, so that under the long -term natural effect, it can reduce the probability of gaps.


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