Steel structure production is first put

Production first performs samples, feeding and cutting, and when placing and discharging Quantity and cutting, edge, and milling areas. Before qi cutting, the steel rust, dirt, etc. of the steel -cut area should be eliminated, and the slag and splash should be removed after the qi cut; It must not be greater than 0.5mm. When the parts of gas cutting or mechanical shearing, when the demand is mobilized, the scratching amount should not be less than 2.0mm
. When making holes, the accuracy and agreed error of the bolt holes should meet the normative rules. When regulating the rules, the steel block must not be filled. You can choose to re-control the pores after welding that matches the material of the mother material; before assembly, the components should be checked, and the contact surface and along the edge of the welding seam 30mm-30mm- -The rust, burrs, dirt, ice and snow, etc. in the range of 50mm should be eliminated, and the stitching of plate materials and profiles should be performed before assembly. Methods and welding sequences and other elements are confirmed. When selecting fixtures, the mother material shall not be damaged when removing the fixture; the welding scar should be repaired flat, and the top -tight contact surface should be close to the area of \u200b\u200bmore than 75%;
When welding Steel, welding materials, welding methods, after welding heat treatment, etc. for welding process identification, and should be confirmed based on the identification statement; when welding, it shall not be used to drop or rust the core of the welding core
Steel-Structating-Building- Has-peace-beCome-the-development-Trend welding, welded blocks and touched welded cases. Welding wires and welding nails eliminate oil and rust before use. When welding, welders should abide by the welding process. They must not be freely applied to the arc on the mother material outside the welding tract. When a welding corner is cracking, the welders shall not deal with it without authorization. The reasons should be found, and the repair process shall be processed. The number of renovations in the same part of the weld should not exceed twice. At the end of the welding, the welders should organize the slag of the welding seam and the splash on both sides to view the appearance quality of the weld.

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