What is the difference between heavy steel structure and light steel structure

In a sense, it can also be divided into two categories, one is light steel structure, and the other is heavy steel structure. And there are many sources, but what are the differences between the details and the use of architecture? Come here ~ Take you to find out.

First of all, light steel. For the steel structure, light steel is not strictly defined, because its main building structure can be said to be composed of a variety of structures, such as cold -curved thin -wall steel steel -type steel , Hot -rolled thin -walled steel, welded and high -frequency cold -rolled thin -walled steel structures, etc.

The second is heavy steel, and the definition of Pu Steel is also the same. There is no unified standard to measure the difference. It can only be said that many experienced designers or projects are not clear, but some data references can be referred to. It is very different. For example, in a steel structure, if weigh more than 25 tons, it is heavy steel. In addition, the weight of each M2 is more than equal to 50 kg, that is, the heavy steel structure and the steel plate thickness of more than 10mm.

But these are just recommended references, of course, more, for example, in the case, in, in, in, in, in, in, in the case The weight of the components used in the design structure and the degree of familiarity with span can distinguish these two situations. But

https: www.sgsbuilding.comnewsindustrywhat-alre-the-adjainless-SUNLIGHT-CANOPY This light steel and heavy steel in many assembly buildings are used in many predatable buildings. The process can be adjusted in size and thickness. But as far as architecture is concerned, it is just like factory buildings, landmark halls and high -rise buildings belong to heavy steel.

For the two just now, the same equipment is the same as the previous equipment, and there must be different equipment to complete the output, and there are different workers to complete the processing process. The format combination is combined to complete the processing of molding steel. But now the development of science and technology has to be said to be a breakthrough. Zhimeld patent technology has developed a multi -functional steel structure production equipment for various functions such as \”type steel group welding all -in -one\”, \”flat drilling machine\”, \”graphic drilling machine\”, \”graphic drilling machine\”, \”graphic drilling machine\”. This technology not only enables light steel heavy steel to use a machine separately, but also can complete the parameter settings of the required device through advanced professional equipment to complete the output. This patented technology is also applicable to the steel structure, regardless of whether It is a very good example if it is heavy steel or light steel. It does not require developers to save costs for light steel heavy steel, and no steel structure is required to reduce the negative of these two steels.

It can be seen that there is a big difference between light steel and heavy steel, or small, but no matter what the difference, this is the direction and direction of the future development of the steel structure.

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