The steel structure plant has light weight, high pressure resistance, and strong carrying capacity

Project construction steps: It has the characteristics of light weight, high pressure resistance, strong carrying capacity, and short construction period. Incorporating art aesthetics, the style of artistic structure is an important reason why it quickly becomes a network hotspot. At present, many places and industrial buildings in my country have some large and small, diverse, and messy characteristics. It is a new type of engineering construction method, which cleans and optimize traditional engineering construction methods. The emergence of the steel industry park is very helpful to some manufacturing companies. For example, the seismic performance of the steel structure industrial park and the openness of the indoor space take into account the necessity of building a plant. The steel structure is introduced in detail below.

The actual construction steps of the steel structure plant project:

The important structure of the steel structure site is hanging: Placing steel columns What-IS-the-Difference-Between-Aluminum-Bolts-Anh -aluminum-STUDS , overhead steel beams, crane steel columns, junction sub-structures, correction engineering subject structure errors, installation of hanging steel beams (optional), hanging partitions (optional), fireproof coatings. The main project error of the steel structure site shall meet the requirements and design schemes, and the initial and final rotation errors of high -strength bolts shall meet the requirements.

Secondary structure installation of steel structure plant: flat -top wall steel bars, flat -top wall fulcrum, wing edge, etc.

Construction specifications.

Installation of Fangcai Steel Lid and thermal insulation layer: The thermal insulation layer should be laid first, and the rear color steel ceiling (some engineering projects need to lay a layer of steel wire under the thermal insulation layer to prevent the insulation layer from falling off. This The key, that is, the thermal insulation level). The ceiling is waterproof. Therefore, the billboard must be consistent with the board, the nail plate and the point replenishment should be full but not sticky.

Maintenance and installation of the interior wall of the steel structure plant: It mainly includes the insulation of the outer wall and the maintenance of the outer wall plate. The wall emphasizes aesthetics, and the window area emphasizes waterproof problems. Another statement is that you know whether there are installation errors. If the bottom surface is flat, all plane maps should be flat, and the flatness error of the plate surface should meet the specifications.

Snuel construction specifications.

5. The detailed structure of the factory building of the steel structure industrial park: mainly for some decorative design and installation, such as the wrapped side of the flat house, the corners of the corner, the waterproof board of the wall plate and the wall heart, the decoration design of the window and door, etc. Essence The fine structure is a complicated project and one of the key parts in the project. Therefore, horizontal, plane, and vertical are its basic parts.

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