Due to its high structural stability and short construction cycle

Due to its high structural stability, short construction cycle, less cost, and fast results, it is widely used in modern light industrial plants.

The structure characteristics of the analysis, the selection and reinforcement construction of the reinforcement method.

The structural characteristics of the room.

It mainly refers to a factory building composed of load -bearing components such as steel beams and columns, roofs and roofs.

With the continuous improvement of the quality and output of steel products in my country, the advantages of steel structure in the construction field are becoming more and more obvious, and the application prospects of the steel structure in the construction field are becoming more and more broad.

Compared with traditional concrete materials, the steel structure has the advantages of light weight, large frame span, light house weight, short construction cycle, less cost, refractory resistance, corrosion resistance, disassembly, recyclable, recycling and other advantages. It has been widely used. At the construction site.

However, in order to improve the quality and service life of the field steel structure, inspection and reinforcement must be performed. In particular, for some load -bearing components, we must not only strengthen the quality management of the on -site construction process, but also adopt scientific and effective reinforcement design solutions to largely ensure the stability and safety of the on -site structure.

Research on steel structure plant reinforcement technology.

The reinforcement design of the steel structure plant shall provide a reliable theoretical basis for the formulation of the reinforcement plan according to the results of on -site reliability. Specifically, the reinforcement design process includes the calculation of steel structure bearing capacity, component processing, and the drawing of construction drawings.

Due to the different requirements of use, the scope and degree of reinforcement are also different. The reinforcement part must be consistent with the original structure. Specifically analyzed the main points of the reinforcement design of the steel structure.

Fully understand the material performance and structure of the steel structure plant.

During the reinforcement process, the plant must first understand the reliability of its structure, including the performance, structural system, structural defects and damage of steel structure materials. Through the joint efforts of experienced and skilled professionals, analyze the stress conditions and stress of the steel structure plant, and provide the basis for the next step reinforcement design.

Choose an economical, reasonable, and reliable reinforcement measures;

The selection of the reinforcement design scheme of the steel structure plant should fully consider the stress characteristics of structural stress and reinforcement.

Starting from ensuring the overall rationality and reliability of the structural structure, the economically reasonable and convenient construction reinforcement measures are selected. For example, on the basis of the existing reinforcement level, the connection technology of new and old structures and new materials is adopted, and comprehensive technical indicators are considered as much as possible.

In addition, when optimizing the design of the steel structure plant reinforcement plan, effective measures should be taken to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment and neighboring buildings, and shorten the construction period.

Try to use the carrying capacity of the original structure.

In order to avoid damage to the original structure, the carrying capacity of the original structure should be used as much as possible during reinforcement. Carry out the reliability analysis and test of the carrying capacity of the plant itself, fully understand its existing carrying capacity, and then retain more original load capacity according to the test report. The construction scale of the steel structure plant is large, the components are severely damaged, and the old and new structures are difficult to connect. Discussion-on-the-Flatness-The-FricTional-Surface-The-Steel-Structance-Endineering [123 ] The reinforcement effect has a certain impact. Therefore, there are great safety hazards in the later use of steel structure plants.

Strengthen building quality management.

During the reinforcement construction process, steel enterprises should strengthen actual structural testing, accurately grasp the status of structural status and damage, and timely eliminate hidden safety hazards.

Technical measures for strengthening quality control include, welding, installation, bolt connection, fire prevention anticorrosive, steel plate stamping, etc.

When reinforcement, check the quality of the structure used. If there are defects, it should be handled in time to ensure that the reinforcement scheme is reliable and effective. The defects found or not discovered during the reinforcement process should be treated in a timely manner.

Steel uses large pores diamond pressure molding, and it must be inspected by quality. Only the standards are fully complied with the standards can it be put into use.

In addition, when the steel structure plant is reinforced, it shall be clear in accordance with the relevant quality control technical standards and quality inspection systems to clarify the load and fatigue requirements of the steel structure plant to ensure the safety and stability of the entire plant. When installing machinery and equipment, measurement inspections must be performed to ensure the accuracy of the operation of the construction personnel.

New scheme

The prestressed carbon fiber plate reinforcement steel structure is a new reinforcement method. Not only can save unloading work capacity and reduce the loss of the downtime, but also can turn passive reinforcement into active reinforcement, give full play to the strength of fibrous materials, improve the capacity of structural carrying, and save reinforcement costs. This method is very practical in the reinforcement of modern factories.

The new prestressed carbon board reinforcement technology is applied to my country’s large -span steel structure reinforcement project. The control force control of 2cm carbon board has exceeded 10T, and the later monitoring effect is good.

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