Steel structure plant characteristics and steel structure plant structure

As a popular dry -flow structure plant now, let’s analyze how many functions are worthy of our selection of steel.

The characteristics of steel are characterized by high structural strength, light self -weight, good overall structural stiffness, and strong resistance to deformation. The construction objects are particularly suitable; the uniformity of the data and the same orientation of the same sex, the ideal elastic body, in line with the basic assumptions of the theoretical theoretical theoretical theoretical of ordinary civil engineering; the data is plastic and tough, may have a large deformation effect, and can withstand physical fitness well. Dynamic load; short construction periods; its industrialization is high, and production can be carried out with high level of industrial mechanization.

Discussion high https: www.sgsbuilding.comnewscompany-newshow-to-not-the-metal-machine-work-type steel , Greatly can improve its yield point strength; in addition, rolling production of new varieties of steel, such as H -shaped steel (also known as wide -winged steel) and T -shaped steel, and pressure steel plates to be used to build large span space structures and ultra -high -rise green construction The need.

The structure of the room is mainly divided into the following parts:

1. Hurry, (can stabilize the structure of the plant) [123) [123) [123) ]

2. Pillar, generally H -shaped steel, or (usually connecting two C -type steel with corner steel)

, Generally use C -type steel and H -shaped steel, (the height of the central accumulation is determined according to the span of the beam)


5. Support, pull strips, usually round steel.

6, tiles, divided into two types, one is single tile (). The second is a composite board. (The center of the two layers of color coating plates with polyurethane or rock wool play a role in warm winter and cool in summer, and it also has the effect of sound insulation fire).

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