Can the villas build a light steel villa?

There are many land resources in the countryside to build a house. The villa is a rural man Top-Ten-Most-IMPressive-Metal-Buildings . Please read this article.

1. Good structure, high quality high, good earthquake resistance

Outstanding structure. Compared with other structures, the light steel keels it use not only have a very light nature, but also corrode and rust. Even under the condition of the victim, the cathode protection of the galvanized layer can be formed to avoid further corrosion. Essence Seismic function discussions have been verified, because our economic structure is less stressed than the average concrete structure, and the overall work intensity is high. Therefore, compressive resistance and tensile resistance have been continuously improved.

2. Recovery, more environmentally friend The recovery rate of more than above, but it is not necessarily a red brick, so it cannot be recovered. Uninstalling the old bricks can not ensure the integrity and waste natural resources.

3. Large construction area

This third point is light steel data as the excellent local area of \u200b\u200bvilla Z, All structured design cannot be comparable, and the structure of the framework cannot be compared, because my country is built and developed through light -quality composite data. The house, the red brick house may only get about 175 square meters, while the light steel villa is built 196 square meters. It is clear at a glance.

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