What are the advantages and disadvantages of Cangzhou Steel Structure Plant and concrete plant

Steel is characterized by high structural strength, light self -weight, good structural stiffness, and strong resistance to deformation. Good to the same sex, is an ideal elastic body, which is in line with the theoretical mechanics of the enterprise’s general information engineering theory Design-OF-STRUCTURE-POULTRY-House Fundamental information; the data has two types: plastic and tough, which can be more compared The major affects deformation and can accept steel power loads well; the construction period of construction construction is short; its industrialization development level is high, and professional management of high levels of agricultural mechanization can be carried out.

Discussion of high-strength steel, which greatly improves its yield point strength, and adds new steel types to high-strength steel to rolled Fate steel) and a T -shaped steel pressure board, etc., are used to the requirements of large span structures and high -rise buildings.

In addition, there is an analysis system for the light steel framework structure of the hot bridge. The architectural data itself is not energy -saving. The problem; the small truss architecture makes the cable and the upper and lower water equipment pipes passing through the wall, and the construction planning and decoration are convenient.

Common industrial plants have the following three structures:

Reinforced concrete structure plant, house, steel -steel -steel — Reinforced concrete structure plant

Reinforced concrete structure refers to: composed of reinforced concrete roofs, pillars, a span of more than 30 meters and a height of more than 20 meters. Good refractory durability

The steel structure refers to the structure of steel structure and steel frame. The carrying capacity is strong and small, and the earthquake resistance is strong. But it is easy to rust and poor fire resistance. Suitable for large -scale factories with large load loads.

Steel -reinforced concrete structure refers to a factory building composed of steel roof frame and steel concrete column. Mostly used for large -span single layers.

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