Light steel villa strength

As a modern new skill, it has the following characteristics:

1. Environmental protection. The prefabricated construction process is used to use dry operations to reduce the environmental protection of construction waste and construction noise construction materials to ensure that there is no damage to the human body and no pollution to the environment. 70%of the construction information can be recycled.


2. Safe. The main body uses high -strength cold -rolled steel plates with hot aluminum -plated zinc, which can reach more than 70 years. All light steel keel structures are selected, which greatly improves the ability to resist horizontal loads and straight loads. The main body is assembled with bolt, and the whole is closely connected to the bottom.

3. Insulation and insulation. Our light steel villa is designed with a common ventilation wall, designed the air layer inside the exterior wall, and there are many insulation materials inside the wall, which is very good in thermal insulation performance.

4, sound insulation. All of the light steel villas use sound insulation materials, which can greatly reduce the noise of the outside world.

5. Waterproof and moisture and moisture. The roofs and walls of light steel villas are all used for waterproof and moisture -proof materials to prevent the indoor humidity.

6. Fast production. All the components of the light steel villa are produced by the factory and assembled in the factory. The construction site only needs to be assembled. The production time is half of the traditional production method.

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