How convenient is the metal garage?

As our life becomes simpler, we have the ability to bear many things. Not as unreachable as before.

Maybe before, many people lived in dilapidated houses and didn’t want to buy a car. But now, most people have beautiful, large houses. Moreover, now they have basically bought cars, even more than one.

However, after having the car, we encountered a new problem. The car should be parked there. Therefore, in order to make some cars have land to go, there are basically parking spaces in public places and residential areas. However, most of these parking lots are open-air parking lots, and only a few are indoor parking lots.

You know, cars also need to be taken care of. If they are often attacked by wind and rain, it will have a great impact on the performance and service life of cars.

Many people park their cars on the road outside the community or at the gate of the shopping mall because they can’t buy a garage or find an underground parking garage. At this time, the car is likely to be full of bird droppings, or exposed to the wind, rain and sun, and it is also easy to be scratched by others. Seeing their car like this is both angry and distressed. So people still hope to find a “home” for their cars. To shelter it from the wind and rain. But in China, unlike other countries, it is impossible for every family to have a garage. So, what can we do to protect our car?

So someone invented a foldable garage. In rainy and snowy weather, there is no need to worry about the car being buried in the snow. Moreover, it is impossible to scratch. All the materials of this foldable garage are made of metal frames, and the whole body is made of UV resistant polycarbonate panels. Therefore, it can effectively isolate UV rays. It can not only resist the strong sunlight from the outside world, but also has a good heat insulation function, and has a very good ventilation effect.

Because this garage is foldable, when it needs to be used, stretch it to form a garage that can cover the whole body. When the car is driven away, the garage can be stored from the front and rear sides manually or remotely. It won’t take up too much space. This foldable garage can be customized. Even motorcycles and swimming pools can be designed as this foldable tent.

In addition, it can be used as a sunshine room in cold winter and cool in summer. Playing mahjong is a good choice. This foldable garage full of many benefits is very popular. But this foldable garage must have its own big yard on the ground!

Metal garage price

The metal parking garage company shall inspect and maintain the firmness, stability and reliability of local and overall connections of the metal structure to ensure that the metal structure has no permanent distortion, deformation or weld crack, and there is no obvious deformation or abnormal sound during loading and operation.

  1. The high-strength bolts in the metal parking garage should be regularly checked and tightened to meet the specified tightening torque requirements. The flat washers and spring washers of fasteners shall be complete. Whenever defects are found, they shall be repaired immediately. The bolt length shall be higher than the nut to ensure reliable fastening without looseness.
  2. As the metal parking lot has requirements for the verticality of the columns, parallelism between beams, and the length difference between the two diagonals of the frame, these aspects should be checked during daily use. If any deviation is found, it should be corrected in time. In addition, the carrying trolley of the metal parking garage must bear a certain load, so the lower deflection of the midpoint of its longitudinal main beam must meet the requirements.
  3. The embedded bolts of the column base plate of the metal parking garage shall not be loose or rusted. The straightness of the guide rail shall be maintained without permanent deformation. The joints shall be uniform and flat without obvious convex and concave points.

As the metal structure is the main component of the metal parking garage and plays an important role in the access, parking and lifting of vehicles, it is not only necessary to purchase after understanding the reputation of the metal parking garage, but also to ensure that the installation meets the requirements. After it is put into use, it is also necessary to conduct regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that the metal structure of the metal parking garage can always meet the requirements.

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